Saudi Arabia Arresting Citizens Who Attack Israel on Social Media

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Saudi Arabia is reportedly arresting citizens who are attacking Israel on social media. According to Bloomberg, the Kingdom is seeking to combat the increasing amount of comments made online regarding the ongoing military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

According to the report, increased monitoring and actions against online comments are “motivated by security concerns.” Moreover, the report notes that both the United States and Riyadh are “working on closer ties to tempt Israel,” amid the ongoing war against Hamas.

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Saudi Arabia Arresting Citizens for Social Media Comments Against Israel

The geopolitical sector has been faced with a massive challenge in the form of the ongoing war in Gaza. Specifically, countries across the world are seeking ways to address the development, with nations making decisions on where they stand amid the ongoing tragedy.

Now, Saudi Arabia is reportedly arresting citizens who attack Israel on social media. Specifically, Bloomberg has reported that the kingdom has begun detaining individuals for online comments. The decision is reportedly rooted in worries “linked to a deadly Oct. 7 invention of Isreal by Hamas and its aftermath,” according to Riyadh diplomats.

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May has already seen Colombia end diplomatic relations with Israel, while Turkey has announced a halt to all trade with the country. Subseuqnlety, the ongoing bombardment of Gaza has led to the death of more than 34,000 Palestinians, the report states.

Moreover, these developments have led to a plethora of anti-Isreal protests across the world. These protests have spread as far as the West. Indeed, the United States has seen protests turn violent across US campuses.

The report notes that Saudi Arabia fears that “Iran and Islamist groups could exploit the conflict.” Specifically, it could directly influence a “wave of uprisings” according to some individuals. Therefore, the Kingdom has taken recent action to prevent this.