SCREAM: The New Solana Token is Coming to Clean Up the Meme Coin Market


The meme coin market has earned an unflattering nickname of shitcoins by some in the industry. To $SCREAM, there is nothing more upsetting; which is why the new Solana altcoin is preparing to do something about it.

SCREAM is the newest high-potential meme coin that is working to bring respectability to the market. And the Ghostface-inspired token will do it the only way he knows how; killing off all the imposters.

It’s about time that meme coins are held to the same standards as all other digital assets. They need to possess real value, as a host of prominent altcoins do. With $SCREAM, Solana is set to unite to transform the sector and create a force to be reckoned with.

$SCREAM: Prepared to End All Imposters

There are few fictional characters as well-embraced in the cultural zeitgeist as Ghostface. Inspiring a slew of motion pictures, he became a haunting but immensely popular image for horror movie fans. Now, the inspiration of that character is coming to do some good for meme coins.

That image has inspired the creation of SCREAM, a new Solana meme coin coming to clean up the sector. But just how will $SCREAM work to unite the entirety of the network for the betterment of the industry as a whole? Well, we’re so glad you asked.

Scream works to create a platform that will analyze all meme tokens on the market. Specifically, it will observe social network behavior on platforms like Twitter and Instagram to understand its presence.

This will allow it to observe the audience supporting it, and to analyze its validity. Through the work of that platform, $SCREAM will be well-equipped to take action. Ultimately, these pointless meme coins will have to contend with Ghostface and the unified SCREAM Ecosystem.

Furthermore, $SCREAM was the only meme coin that had representation at the latest TOKEN2049 event in Dubai. TOKEN2049 is a premier event that brings together the leading voices in crypto. The $SCREAM team got to show off its presale to plenty of interested investors at the event, and being the only meme coin there, they are certainly in huge advantage.

The SCREAM project already has a list of 42 meme coins that it’s coming after, so all shitcoins be warned!

How to Buy $SCREAM

The process of purchasing SCREAM and taking part in this endeavor alongside Ghostface is a simple process. Indeed, it can all be done in 5 simple steps.

1- First you will have to ensure that you have set up a Solana wallet. This has to be compatible with the network, like Phantom or Sollet.

2- Then you will need to access a decentralized exchange. For this step, you must access a reputable option such as Serum of Raydium.

3- The next step requires you to connect your wallet. Specifically, you will need to corroborate the first two steps; connect the wallet with the DEX exchange.

4- From here you will need to Swap for SCREAM. This step will require Solana (SOL) or other supported tokens to swap for the $SCREAM coin.

5- Finally, you will need to secure your tokens. After you have made the purchase, transfer your $SCREAM to your secured Solana Wallet.

And that’s it! From there, you should be equipped with $SCREAM to join the united Solana network in cleaning up the meme coin sector! Presale for the launch of the asset is live now, where 20% of the total supply is being sold. $SCREAM has already secured $150,000 for operations and marketing, but the pre-sale isn’t over yet.

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