Secret Society of Whales – A Sneak Peek into an Exclusive NFT Community


Whales are the largest animals on the planet. These gentle giants are as amazing as they are massive. They are also the inspiration behind the Secret Society of Whales, one of the most exclusive communities in the NFT industry

What is the Secret Society of Whales? 

Secret Society of Whales (SSoW) is a new community in the NFT industry exclusively focused on whale-inspired NFTs. You will need a whale NFT to join this community, and there are only 10,000 units of these NFTs in the market. This makes the SSoW a small and exclusive community, especially since the developers don’t have any plans to mint more whale NFTs.

However, the community is bonded by more than just their passion for whales. The NFT has a clear purpose of helping protect the world’s dwindling whale population. To this end, the community has already donated $25,000 to the Save the Whales charity. It is also interested in mental wellbeing, and it has also donated $25,000 to a mental health wellness society.  

In addition to serving as an entrance ticket, a whale NFT also functions as a vote in the community. The community often votes on which upcoming NFTs to support, as will be discussed later. 

A Whale for Everyone 

Secret Society of Whales

There are 10,000 NFTs, which means that there can only be a maximum of 10,000 community members. However, there is a whale for everyone who wants it in the sense that these whale NFTs are designed to reflect their owners’ personalities, tastes, preferences, and other outstanding features. 

Each whale NFT is designed to be unique. The NFTs are designed using unique, randomized traits from a set of 165 unique features. Some of the varying traits include facial features, clothing, hats, blowhole rings, beauty accessories, and more. 

The 10,000 whales vary in uniqueness (or what some may define as quality), just like ordinary collectibles. They are grouped into three categories: common, uncommon, and rare.

Supporting the NFT Industry 

One of the goals of the Secret Society of Whales is to help grow the NFT market. To this end, it is running a campaign dubbed #TogetherWeWhale Initiative. 

The #TogetherWeWhale initiative is focused on helping other NFT initiatives spring up by supporting the projects and artists behind them. Every member of the SSoW community votes on which NFT project to support – one whale NFT buys one vote, as mentioned earlier. The community then proceeds to support the chosen NFT project, and it takes 2% of the secondary sales to help further its cause in supporting other NFT projects in the future. 

The Secret Society of Whales clearly has big ambitions for its community and the NFT industry as a whole. Consequently, this project is worth watching over time, as these ambitions are evident in the quality of its NFTs and projects. 

The Team behind the Secret Society of Whales 

The Secret Society of Whales is a brainchild of three friends and experts in the NFT space: Big Jon, Squilliam, and Charbo. Big Jon is the project’s head creative and marketing lead, while Squilliam and Charbo focus on the NFTs development. It is also worth noting that Charbo is a software security engineer at Ethereum Foundation, while Squilliam is a software engineer at Amazon.