Secret Society of Whales and NFTs


The Secret Society of Whales is a small and exclusive community in the NFT industry, inspired by the massive but gentle whales. To join the community, you need a whale NFT. Note that there are only 10,000 units of whale NFTs, making the society very small.

The whale society is connected not only because of their passion for cryptocurrency but also for a significant course of saving the reducing population of whales.

The society has already contributed $25000 towards the whale charity organization. In addition, they are passionate about mental wellness, and so far, they have made $25,000 donations to support the mental health society.

The whale NFT required to join the community doubles as a vote. The community votes every often to decide which new NFT to support.

Secret Society of Whales NFTs Vary

As already stated, there are only 10,000 NFT whales up for grabs. This passes the message that only 10,000 investors can join the whale community.

However, the 10,000 NFT whales come with about 165 unique features. This means that there’s a whale for everyone who needs one. The Whales represent the unique preferences, tastes, and personalities of the owner.

The quality of the 10,000 whales differs and comes in three categories, common, uncommon, and rare. Therefore, if you want to join the secret society, there is no need to rush because there is a Whale NFT for everyone.

The SSoW and the NFT Industry

In addition to their passion for whales and mental health, the Secret Society of Whale supports upcoming NFTs. To help them achieve this goal, they run the #TogetherWeWhale initiative.

This initiative aims to support artists behind new NFT projects.  To decide which NFT to support, the members vote using their whales NFT. Moreover, 2 % of all sales made by this society go towards supporting NFT projects.

How to Buy Secret Society of Whales NFTS

Whale NFTs are available for sale on Therefore, if you want to join a community that minds about the future of whales, is concerned about mental health, and has an immense passion for supporting upcoming NFT projects, get yours today.

As already stated, there is a whale for everyone. To make the purchase easy for you, the system allows you to purchase a unique whale to suit your personality and preferences.

Note that the whale prices differ depending on the categories and variations like clothes, accessories, facial expressions, rings, hats, beauty, and many more. Also, the whales in the rare category are the most expensive.

Who Created the Secret Society of Whales?

The whale project combines ideas from three brilliant brains of Big Jon, Squilliam, and Charbo.

Big Jon is the leader of the team and heads the marketing department. On the other hand, Squilliam, a software engineer who works for Amazon, takes the second position in the team. Last but not least, Charbo, a software security engineer who works at the Ethereum Foundation, is responsible for developing the NFT.

In addition to the big three, the project could never be a success without the help of Dean, an artist in storyboard art, and the WestCoast NFT, who provided consultancy services.