Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Claims Apple Violated Copyright by Putting Bitcoin White Paper on MacOS

Joshua Ramos
Source: Pixabay

The self-proclaimed Satoshi, Dr. Craig White, claims that Apple has violated copyright laws by integrating the Bitcoin white paper on its macOS. Moreover, Wright responded to a Twitter post questioning whether or not Apple executed copyright infringement.

Earlier this week, news broke of the Bitcoin white paper being deeply integrated into new MacBooks. Thus, prompting many to ponder whether or not Apple was in violation of copyright laws. Subsequently, Wright responded with a succint, “Yes.”

Many Bitcoin enthusiasts have taken to Twitter after it was discovered that the digital assets white paper is hidden within Apple’s MacBooks. Subsequently, the discovery was a very interesting one for the crypto community. Yet, it appears many have made note of the discovery for other reasons.

Specifically, the self-proclaimed Satoshi, Dr. Craig Wright, has accused Apple of violating copyright laws by integrating the Bitcoin white paper into the macOS. Moreover, some have even encouraged Wright to take legal action against the tech giant.

Source: Notebook Check

Conversely, it was discovered that a copy of the Bitcoin white paper had been hidden in Apple’s Macs for some time. Specifically, along with the discovery, it was reported that the white paper was present in MacOS since the Mojave version five years ago.

Alternatively, Dr. Craig Wright is well known for his assertion that he is actually Satoshi. Nevertheless, this is a claim that has been widely scrutinized. Yet, it hasn’t kept Wright from asserting his own intellectual property over Bitcoin, and its various blockchain technologies.