Senator Ted Cruz Introduces Bill to Accept Crypto in Capitol Hill Restaurants and Vending Machines

Joshua Ramos
Source: CNBC

The Republican Senator for the state of Texas, Ted Cruz, has just introduced a bill to accept crypto in Capitol hill restaurants, vending machines, and other establishments. The legislation is currently on the congressional record and was introduced earlier this week.

Ted Cruz remains a fairly well-known name in the political sphere and was once a presidential candidate in 2016. Since then, Cruz has remained the state senator of Texas and has continued to be a voice in favor of the mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency industry.

Cruz Calls for Crypto on Capitol Hill

The conflict between the crypto industry and governmental authorities has been a constant one. The events of last year have only increased its importance and called for a greater regulatory presence in what was an abysmal crypto winter for investors.

Since then, the political implications of the war against crypto have been an undeniable reality and have seen both sides of the political aisle make their feelings on digital assets known. One of the loudest pro-crypto voices in the senate is continuing his fight; in a rather unconventional manner.

Source: CNN

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a bill that would allow the acceptance of crypto at Capitol Hill restaurants and vending machines. The legislation actually dives further, calling for gift shops and other establishments to accept digital assets as an acceptable form of payment.

Cruz’s bill arrives amidst Arizona’s proposed legislation that would introduce crypto as legal tender in the state. Coincidingly, New York’s similar introduction of a bill to allow crypto as a legal form of payment in state agencies. Conversely, the Texas Senator’s legislative effort is continuing to make crypto a part of the Congressional discourse.