Serbia To Join BRICS in 2024?

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The Republic of Serbia is the latest country to have an interest in the BRICS bloc, and the alliance in return may open its doors for the nation.

BRICS has been keen on expansion in the past year, inducting new member countries at the start of 2024. The bloc is expected to send formal invites to more nations later this year, looking to expand global reach. As more nations grow interested in the concept of de-dollarization, more are looking to join and ditch the US dollar as a global reserve. Countries that support this mission have already gotten co-signs from the bloc, as well as invites.

With that being said, will Serbia be the first Balkan country to receive BRICS membership?

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Will Serbia Join BRICS in 2024?

Will Serbia Join BRICS in 2024?
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On March 29, reports came out that BRICS invited Serbia to its next summit in Russia later this year. This is big news for the country since it has long awaited the chance to raise its voice in the global conversation. Serbia has been waiting for acceptance into the European since 2009. Since it hasn’t received a formal invitation to join the EU, Serbia may instead side with the growing alliance.

In August 2023, Serbia’s Movement of Socialists got the parliament to apply for BRICS membership. The party argued that “nearly two-thirds of citizens consider Serbia’s membership in BRICS as the best and most acceptable integration option.” If Serbia does attend the summit and join the alliance, it will be the first European country to do so.

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Another step into Europe would be monstrous for BRICS. As the alliance continues to battle the West in ditching the US dollar and creating a new world order, expanding into Europe will push the line closer to the West. Serbia joining the bloc would be beneficial for not only Serbia but the future of BRICS.

Serbia’s president has not officially accepted the invite yet but is expected to do so. With this update, the Balkan nation may have sealed another step towards joining BRICS in 2024.