SHIB, CHAINLINK and AAVE All Listed on the SAFEMOON Wallet


In a thrilling video posted on their Twitter feed, SafeMoon has finally announced that Shibs Inu(SHIB), CHAINLINK and AAVE have now been listed on the Safemoon Wallet. This announcement has come just months after SafeMoon introduced their wallet to the crypto-world. It has been a long-anticipated update, and SafeMoon says more currencies are yet to come.

However, this hasn’t been the only update that Safemoon has been targeting. The crypto wallet has also hinted at significant updates on the reflections tracker, charts, and SWaP pairs.

What Is Safemoon?

SafeMoon Wallet

In case you are new to the crypto scene, SafeMoon is among the world’s most well-known cryptocurrencies. This token’s creation was on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Since its inception, Safemoon keeps making significant moves in crypto, among them being that it rewarded its early investors with returns of over 20,000%. The token hit an all-time high in April, but then it experienced a sharp 70% decline. 

Nevertheless, the coin picked up its pace and announced the launch of a beta version of its crypto wallet for testing. Three months after this, the Safemoon Wallet was born. When the wallet was released on Google Play store in March 2021, the altcoin experienced a 20% surge in its assets within 24 hours.

How Good Is The Safemoon Wallet

the safemoon wallet

The SafeMoon wallet is among the easiest crypto wallets to understand. In fact, crypto analysts often recommend it for crypto and blockchain beginners. The wallet is a secure place to store and trade your SafeMoon, and now, it will allow you to store and trade your SHIB, CHAINLINK, and AAVE as well.

Among the wallets, the best features include the  Wyre integration, a chart for guidance, a contacts list, hold to cancel,  haptic feedback, and dark mode. It also comes with a  SafeMoon calculator. This tool is convenient when it comes to breaking down exactly which tokens you are purchasing. It opens the door to the world of decentralized finance for beginners and professionals alike.

Safemoon’s wallet has enjoyed great popularity in the recent past. So, we can only watch and wait to see what having three of the best altcoins in the market will mean for this wallet.