SHIB Large Holder Volume Records 124% Jump

Joshua Ramos

The user base for the popular meme coin has experienced surprising growth in the last day. WhaleStats has executed analysis on the top 100 Shiba Inu holders, only to note that the last 24 hours have seen the large holder volume show a 124% jump.

Moreover, has recorded data from analytics firm Santiment, which stated several altcoins are seeing noted rises in address activity. Adding that various dormant wallets are awakening to move funds, including SHIB.

Source: The Economic Times

SHIB Large Volume Addresses Make Jump

CoinMarketCap has reported that Shiba Inu is trading at $0.000008504 at the time of writing. Subsequently, that number is down about 3.2% in the last day. Comparitvaley, it is lessened by around 7.7% in the last seven days.

The crypto winter has been a treacherously cold one, and almost all digital assets are feeling the effects. Compounded by the economic actions of interest rate hikes, the overall vulnerability and inherent volatility in the market, and decreases have come to feel par for the course.

Source: PanAsiaBiz

Yet, it seems one of the most popular meme coins on the market has seen a rise in activity at the largest holders. reported on December 6th that Shiba Inu holders were steady at 1,257,121. Today, WhaleStates noted the number is sitting at 1,266,326. That data has articulated an increase of over 9,000 new holders in just the last ten days of activity.

Additionally, the WhaleStates metrics of the last 24 hours compound the data with the SHIB large volume holders rising to 124%. Furthermore, Twitter account @ShibBPP has noted that the meme coin isn’t simply “adding new holders,” as more than 83% of these wallets have been held for more than 6 months.