Shiba Eternity: All That Has Happened Until Now

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Shiba Eternity: All That Happened Till Now
Source: Playtoearn

Since its inception, Shiba Inu has advanced significantly. The coin has overcome all objections to stand where it does today, having started out as merely a meme coin. Shibarium, the metaverse, and Shiba Eternity were just a few of the developments on Shiba Inu’s road map.

Without a doubt, the Shiba Eternity download day was successful. The SHIB team has frequently stated that it wants to rule both the Google Play and Apple rankings.

Some reports claim that the app debuted on Apple’s App Store’s top-20 games list on its first day of accessibility. The Shiba Eternity even achieved a significant milestone of 100,000 downloads¬†a week after launch.

Shytoshi Kusama dropped Shiba Eternity updates

A players guide for Shiba Eternity was revealed in a post by Kusama on Nov 4, giving fans an inside look at the game. New NFTs were also disclosed, along with information on where investors can purchase them.

Kusama highlights that the Eternity game now has over 250,000 downloads. This month alone, the team has busted and crushed over 100 bugs. The first player’s manual for the mobile card game was unveiled in the post. The guide, according to Kusama, is “a living document” that will develop along with the game. A collection of lore that provides additional context for the gaming experience is included with the guide.

The guide, which is over 1150 pages, has been broken down into separate documents. In addition to the Shiba Eternity guide and information, Kusama’s Shiba Inu developer update included information about brand-new NFTs. The post expresses Kusama’s desire to create new images that bring Shiba’s unique journey to life. As a result, AI technology has created NFTs, which are now available for purchase on OpenSea.

Kusama is also planning to hold the first in-person tournament, which will be another notable milestone for the game.