Shiba Inu: A Man Who Missed Out On Becoming a Billionaire

Sahana Kiran
Shiba inu
Source – Forbes

The market frequently witnesses tales of triumph and transformation from early adopters of Shiba Inu [SHIB]. Amidst these narratives, there are individuals who, due to hasty selling, failed to join the ranks of millionaires and billionaires. A Shiba Inu investor, who acquired the meme coin during its early stages, serves as an example, having foregone the opportunity to convert a $2,000 investment into becoming a billionaire.

A $2,000 investment allowed the individual to amass a total of 25 trillion tokens back in January 2021. Subsequently, the investor shared that when SHIB’s price experienced a decline in the days following the purchase. Therefore, feelings of panic prompted them to sell off all their tokens, resulting in a financial loss.

Whether attributed to ill luck or an unfortunate choice, those 25 trillion Shiba Inu tokens could have translated into being a Billionaire by October 2021. It was in that very year, after 10 months of the investor disposing of trillions of tokens, that SHIB achieved its record high of $0.00008616. This surge amounted to an astonishing increase of 67 million percent. This would have potentially inflated the initial $2,000 investment into a staggering $1 billion.

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Almost billionaire ft. Shiba Inu

The investor took to TikTok and shared a video upon witnessing the token achieve its historic peak. He said,

“I just got a message from a couple of mates and they told me that Shiba Inu has gone up 67 million percent since January. Now in January [2021] I was browsing Reddit and came across a recommendation for buying meme currencies. One of them was SHIB. At that time I put $2,000 into it and I left it for a couple of weeks. It went down and I sold it for a loss.”

He concluded the video by saying,

“It turns out that would now be worth $1 billion if I hadn’t sold it. Now how to live with that?”

However, it is worth mentioning that SHIB found itself among the cryptocurrencies with the poorest performance in 2020. This caused the investor to avoid jeopardizing his funds. As a result, he acted out of apprehension and withdrew his investment, concerned that it might suffer a severe decline with no chance of a rebound. To provide perspective, the value of SHIB dropped by a substantial percentage, going from a $100 investment to just $2 within a span of two months.

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This scenario closely resembles the present condition of the cryptocurrency market. A broad downturn has impacted the entire market, resulting in Shiba Inu experiencing a 14.80% decrease over the week. At the time of reporting, SHIB was being traded at a value of $0.000008548.