Shiba Inu AMA: Here’s the Complete Run Down of the Topics Discussed Today

Vinod Dsouza
Shiba Inu AMA with Watcher Guru
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The Shiba Inu AMA with Watcher Guru was held today with a range of subjects that came up for discussion. The moderator of SHIB’s Discord Queenie was the key speaker along with influencers Archangel and Shib Informer. However, lead developer of ShibaSwap, Shytoshi Kusama was available on ‘chat’ and former Activision head William Volk spoke about the upcoming games.

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Here’s the complete run down of the ShibaGuruAMA that was held today:

Shiba Inu AMA: Doggy DAO

The first topic that was discussed in the Shiba Inu AMA was Doggy DAO. The team confirmed that the development which was launched a week ago is just the Beta version. As of now, only BONE holders are given access to vote on pairs in the ShibaSwap ecosystem.

Speaker Archangel said, ”Since this is a beta release, we have an amazing user base. A step-by-step implementation is required so we don’t run into any security issues. We are especially cost cautious as we all watched a DAO experience a hostile takeover a few weeks back. So that’s definitely on the minds of everyone.”

Nonetheless, he did not specify a tentative timeline for the full release of Doggy DAO.

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Shiba Inu ‘Burns’

This is the part that received the most attention during the AMA segment. Archangel announced that the upcoming ShibaSwap 2.0 will include a specific ”burn portal”.

He confirmed that ‘burn’ mechanisms will be put into place in ShibaSwap 2.0 that will work towards reducing the circulating supply.

”We want to make the burn rate grow with the utilization rate of the platform. So if you think about it, this is kind of the new utility. It’s about getting the supply slowly reduced as you use the platform,” he said.

Moreover, he asked investors to be realistic and not ask for a 90% burn as that’s highly impossible.

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Archangel called Shiba Inu’s latest fast-food joint as a “dark horse in the ecosystem.” He said that the new business model is “the first restaurant to run on blockchain technology.” He also confirmed that the team is working towards making payments through SHIB.

He stated that Welly’s will also include a ‘burn’ function once Shibarium layer-2 solution is released. Archangel stated that Welly’s is working on developing applications in the Metaverse and also has an NFT release that will fund the franchises. The Welly’s franchises are expected to go full throttle during the first half of 2023.

Metaverse ‘Shiberse’
shiba inu lands metaverse shiberse
Source: Unsplash

The team confirmed that 99,000 pieces of land in the Shiba Inu’s upcoming Metavserse, Shiberse will be released. The launch will be a 10-day ‘land event’ where Leash holders will get first access to view, bid and purchase the SHIB lands.

However, only 35,000 plots will be released at first. After the first batch of the lands are sold out, the rest of the lands will be released stage wise. The second batch of lands will be open to everyone and not just Leash holders. The bidding system will be announced when the release date is near.

Games by William Volk

Former Activision head William Volk spoke in lengthy about the upcoming Shiba Inu games that his team is working on. He confirmed that the game will be a ”collectible cards game”.

”I want to make clear this is not just a clone of an existing game. Collectible card game this is really kind of unique. Something that is very interesting about it is that it has a very sustainable economy. It includes for both the mobile game and for the blockchain game,” said Willaim Volk at the ShibaGuruAMA.

Shiboshi NFTs

2000 Owners of the Shiboshi NFTs, will receive lands that will be exclusively reserved for the Shiba Inu NFT Holders. The ‘lands’ are from the SHIB’s Metaverse Shiberse.

Shib Informer confirmed that the lands will have utility and not be just another Jpeg on the Internet. ”We didn’t create just the Shiboshis to to be a nice JPEG. It has to have some utility,” he said.