Shiba Inu Army Slams Former SHIB Burner for His Allegations

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Shiba Inu Army Slams Former SHIB Burner for His Allegations
Source: Fortune

Over the years, the Shiba Inu Army has emerged as one of the strongest supportive communities out there. The meme coin has also earned its reputation as one of the top meme coins through its developments and different projects.

One such project is the Shiba Inu Burn Initiative. The potential was soon realized by several companies, as they began contributing to the burns. Steven Cooper, CEO of Bigger Entertainment, used to be a Shiba Inu enthusiast and SHIB burner. Cooper recently took to his Twitter account and raised allegations against Shiba Inu and the development team.

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Cooper stated in his tweet that what is happening behind the scenes at Shiba Inu is completely insane and has destroyed many people, including him and his company. Cooper is apparently referring to the recent incident between Shytoshi Kusama and the SHIB defense team and his recent creation of a new telegram channel for Shibarium. Bigger Entertainment’s CEO also stated that he is glad that the community is, “…finally seeing the truth.”

Shiba Inu army fires back

“Shibarmy Canada” (@Dezaxe), a Twitter user, fired back against Cooper and accused him of not paying for the artist who worked for his company and also for the Shiba Inu Army, which helped fund his worldwide trip.

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Cooper replied to the tweet by stating that all royalties have been paid to all the artists and saying that he would stand by his words until he dies.