Shiba Inu Can Help You Walk Comfortably — New Partnership Details

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Shiba Inu Can Help You Walk Comfortably With This New Partnership
Source: Seeking Alpha

Shiba Inu [SHIB] has surfaced as one of the industry’s most popular cryptocurrency assets. Despite being relatively new to the market, the asset has become the talk of the town. Partnerships and collaborations were consistently on the SHIB network’s agenda. While assets were finding it tough in the midst of the enduring market turmoil, SHIB was able to secure a prominent partnership.

As per the details of a recent announcement, cryptocurrency payment platform BitPay collaborated with Atheist Shoes. The Berlin-headquartered-footwear manufacturer is now accepting Shiba Inu for payment. Users can also use a 10% discount for a limited time.

Shiba Inu was also seen developing into a cryptocurrency that is suitable for travel, as other portals were seen enhancing the asset’s visibility within their network. For instance, Travala just revealed an “exclusive special” for SHIB.

SHIB ranks first in holdings among top 2,000 ETH whales

As per the details from whale tracker WhaleStats, the holdings of the top 2,000 ETH whales have come out. According to the details, SHIB has bagged first place as the most-held cryptocurrency among these whales.

These ETH whales hold $69,552,967 worth of SHIB. It is followed by $43,526,036 worth of UNI and $35,558,628 worth of BEST tokens. An analysis of the top 100 ETH whales reveals that SHIB is the fourth-most-held token among these whales. These whales hold 74,299,481,235 SHIB worth $690,838.