Shiba Inu Developer Gives Update on Shiba Eternity, New NFT’s, and More

Joshua Ramos
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One of the most well-known names of the Shiba Ecosystem, Shytoshi Kusama, has recently spoken to fans. In a post on the official blog, the Shiba Inu developer gives an update on Shiba Eternity, new NFTs, and much more.

Last week saw Kusama release a post that gives fans an inside look into Shiba Eternity, with an unveiling of a players guide for the game. Additionally, new NFTs were revealed with information on where investors can purchase them.

Shiba Inu
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Shiba Eternity News

Shiba Eternity is a card-based mobile game based around the iconic meme coin that is currently available for download. Kusama started his update by noting that the game had been downloaded by over 250,000 users.

The post noted the amount of time spent by the development team in crafting a top-tier experience for players. Conversely, Kusama hinted at a future in-person tournament for the game that would be updated at a later time.

Shiba Eternity Hits a Notable Milestone One Week Post-Launch
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Moreover, The post unveiled the very first players’ guide for the mobile card game. Kusama describes the guide as “a living document” that will be ever-changing and growing as the game does. Alongside the guide is a collection of lore that gives further context into the gaming experience

Shiba NFT

Source: Shytoshi Kusama

In addition to the guide and information on Shiba Eternity, the Shiba Inu developer update by Kusama allowed the announcement of brand-new NFTs. The post signifies the desire for Kusama to orchestrate new images that bring to life Shiba’s unique journey. Consequently, AI technology has crafted the NFTs, revealed with a link for purchase.

When confronting why he utilized AI, Kusama stated, “AI has a place in the Shiba Ecosystem and it is vital that I am aware of its current ability and limitations.” The post concluded by promising more community updates in the future.