Shiba Inu Growing so Fast, Coinbase Pro and CoinMarketCap Unable to Keep up with its Pace

Vinod Dsouza
Is shiba inu on coinbase

Shiba Inu is growing so fast in price and trading volume that even Coinbase Pro is unable to keep up with the numbers.

Coinbase Pro failed to display SHIB’s precise numbers and was called out by the investors’ community regarding the error. Thankfully, the trading platform acknowledged the error and tweeted that they would rectify their mistake.

”Starting today 10/28 at 4pm PT we will be updating our precision for SHIB-USD & SHIB-USDT order books. Precision will be reduced from .00000001 to .0000001. We will maintain this level unless the price of SHIB-USD drops below .00003. Updates will be posted here & via Status Page.” tweeted Coinbase Pro.

In addition, the trading volume was so huge on Coinbase Pro that the platform almost froze. Many of its users were not allowed to ‘sell’ their holdings at their desired price.

Nonetheless, the exchange platform in their tweet mentioned they are looking into the details and will get it back up.

CoinMarketCap Displays Wrong Shiba Inu ‘Supply’ Numbers

CoinMarketCap on their website had got the total supply numbers of Shiba Inu wrong on Thursday. Users took to Twitter tagging the firm and asked them to get it rectified immediately.

In a DM to Shiba Army Canada, CoinMarketCap acknowledged their mistake and promised to rectify it as soon as possible. ”This appears to be a bug caused by our engineering team’s migration to new infrastructure. We have forwarded this issue to our engineers to investigate,” said the message.

CoinMarketCap also apologized in the message for any inconvenience caused as they promised to get things in order.

Superstar SHIB

Shiba Inu experienced close to a +700% spike in price in October 2021 alone. The coin attracted heavy buying pressure giving investors more than what they’ve asked for.

There’s no doubt that Shiba Inu is the superstar of October and all eyes are on the 1 Cent milestone. SHIB has opened the floodgates of new customers into its fold and this will help the coin shoot up in the long run.

However, the coin is now facing corrections but investors are making use of the dip and buying more tokens. In other words, Shiba Inu’s momentum is on the upper side and still has a lot of steam to deliver.

Shiba Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00007283 and is down -13.48% in the days trade. Another bull run can make the coin knock out a zero and trade with only three ‘zeroes’.