Shiba Inu needs business ventures surrounding its development, says Redditor

Utkarsh Gupta
Shiba Inu Token
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The collective cryptocurrency market is in a state of decline. Bitcoin registered its largest correction wick since May 19th, and there is increasing selling pressure for Altcoins. Bearish pressure was getting to every asset and fan-favorite Shiba Inu was no different. However, shifting attention off the market, a particular individual had an interesting take on how to improve Shiba Inu’s utility. For instance, Shiba Inu had a market cap of $20.6 billion, slipping down to 13th in the rankings.

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Shiba Inu needs businesses built around it?

A Reddit user recently shared a list of domains that highlights various Shiba Inu business ideas. BeautfifulEnd949 emphasized that it is necessary that different Shiba Inu avenues are created to establish better market utility. It is fundamental that Shiba’s price is able to incur value from other sectors as well. Similarly, the meme token is currently riding on market popularity, however, businesses involving SHIBA transactions would increase the assets’ functional status.

Moreover, Speaking to a media outlet, the Redditor said,

“We need more to create demand for the use of the currency and therefore as basic economics, dictates increased demand will reduce supply pushing the price of Shiba Inu. This will assist in making Shiba more desirable, thereby pushing the price higher.”

Describing the community of Shiba Army as a “paradox of capitalism and socialism, the Redditor added,

“In capitalism, we aim to make ourselves richer. However, this is usually at the detriment of others in society. However, with Shiba by creating businesses and attracting wealth to yourself, you are also increasing the value of the Shiba in everyone’s pocket – so you are in effect embracing a level of socialism.”

SHIB Army mounts pressure on Robinhood

The declining value of Shiba Inu did not undermine the loyalty of its community. After the recent Kraken listing, SHIB supporters continued to call out Robinhood exchange to list the meme token on its platform.

SHIBA’s online petition currently has 543,191 signatures to list it on the exchange. The petitions’ goal is to reach 1 million and that will make it one of the top-signed petitions on

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However, it is important to note that the pressure is mounting on Shiba’s value as well. The asset has dropped by 58% since reaching its ATH level in October so the time might be ticking on its popularity as well.