Shiba Inu: SHIB to Launch Digital Identity in 2024, Shibdentity


Shiba Inu will be launching a new digital identity in 2024, according to the Shiba Inu team. In a new thread on X, the SHIB team explains that wallet addresses have taken center stage as your identity in Web3, and the team is working to change that. Shiba Inu will launch the new Shibdentity project sometime this year.

Working with D3Inc, the SHIB team is developing Shibdentity to offer a secure, unified way to establish and maintain your digital presence. It will take form in a SHIB name, the team says. “The goal is to make sending tokens as easy as sending an email, using your unique SHIB Name,” the team states in the thread.

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Furthermore, the Shiba Inu team adds that the mission behind the new Shibdentity project is “to integrate Shib Names seamlessly into the internet’s fabric.” Having a Shiba Inu name/identity in Web3 will give users a unique, recognizable identity similar to a handle on X, that will distinguish them on Web3.

“Futureproofing your identity is our top priority,” the team emphasizes. “As technology evolves, so will Shibdentity, maintaining relevance and security.” The thread closes with the point that Shiba Inu is working to not just adapt to the future, but shape it.

In early January, SHIB leader Shytoshi Kusama explained the functions that a SHIBdentity will serve. According to Kusama, eventually, users will be able to use a .shib domain to do things such as host a website, send emails, send SHIB and other assets, and verify who you are on Web3. An exact date for the launch of the project remains unknown.