Shiba Inu: Something is ‘landing’ this weekend on the SHIB metaverse

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Twitter

Towards the end of last month, the Shiba Inu team had unveiled details about the launch of its native metaverse SHIB. As such, the virtual space is set to totally have over 100,595 plots of land spread across 4 different districts.

Back then, the team behind the project had announced that all tokens belonging to the Shiba Inu ecosystem— right from SHIB to LEASH and BONE—would play a role as different launch phases roll out. Well, looks like that time has already come.

Here’s what ‘landing’ this weekend on Shiba Inu’s metaverse

Shiba Inu’s team, via the official Twitter handle, went on to proclaim that the “early access land bid event” is “landing” this weekend.

The 24-second long video typically had an unchanged background that featured trees on both sides. The remaining part of the frame was covered with land that had a meandering trail in the middle.

The video went on to chalk out the the pre-requisite for the “early access” for the said bid event and highlighted,

Lock your LEASH or SHIBOSHI to gain early access”

What participants need to know

Per details on the website, users would be required to lock the said tokens to gain access to the map. The same would allow an early entry for participants to bid, and purchase plots of land, during the first two stages of this first phase release: BID Event, and HOLDER Event.

The BID event is designed to provide “an amazing early access opportunity” to the metaverse. This first event will allow participants to endure a “thrilling” three days (72 hours) race of bidding for their preferred plots of land. The website highlighted,

This is a unique, and exclusive chance to reserve the very first batch of lands with priority over the rest of users!

However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that all land purchases would happen only using ETH, and participants will not be able to participate in the event unless they’ve locked either LEASH or your SHIBOSHI.

Additionally, some land pieces will remain locked, for they’d represent key locations for travel within the metaverse and will stay private to be used as common grounds for corridors, avenues, boulevards, hubs, etc.

During the next stage, i.e. the HODLer event, LEASH, and SHIBOSHI HODLers will be able to purchase lands, without a bidding mechanic and at a fixed price for each tier of land. The event will last for 7 days, and will become available right after the initial bidding event comes to an end. Elaborating on similar lines, the website noted,

Users will still be required to use the locking system provided in the initial bidding system to gain access to the interactive-map. Users will be able to purchase their selected lands, and mint them as soon as the timer ends.

The grand finale of phase 1

At the end of both the BID EVENT and HOLDER EVENT, the final stage of the first phase will begin. The same will be marked by the commencement of the public sale.

“During this final stage, users will be able to purchase the remaining lands without any restrictions, locking time, or any determined factor… Users can mint their desired lands at the fixed price, and directly via the interactive map broadcasting available plots remaining.”

During this stage, however, users would neither have to use the LEASH or SHIBOSHI Locker nor will have to HODL any of the Shiba ecosystem tokens to be able to acquire a land plot.