Shiba Inu To Hit 25 Cents? Here’s When SHIB Could Reach $0.25

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Shiba Inu is currently trading around the $0.000025 mark in the indices on Friday and is mostly moving sideways. Around 1.4 million investors currently hold SHIB in their wallets and are waiting for the long term to generate profits. The majority of investors are hoping for SHIB to hit the 1-Cent mark and make millions of dollars. The others are eager for the token to climb beyond $0.01 and reach a new milestone that can turn them into multi-millionaires.

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For those who are waiting for Shiba Inu to reach 25 Cents, the road is long, and difficult to hit the $0.25 threshold. It might take years or even decades or one’s lifetime could pass before it reaches the price mark. However, in this article, we will highlight what could make Shiba Inu’s price hit the $0.25 milestone.

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Shiba Inu: Here’s How SHIB Might Hit 25 Cents ($0.25)

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Shiba Inu reaching the 25 Cents mark needs a robust and massive push in its market cap. SHIB’s market cap is near $15 billion today and needs to scale up phenomenally to even consider reaching $0.25. While the market cap seems unrealistic, it’s not impossible to achieve in the future.

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shiba inu market cap shib
Source: CoinCodex

Data from leading on-chain metrics and price prediction firm CoinCodex shows that for Shiba Inu to reach 25 Cents, its market cap must touch $275 trillion. That’s a market cap bigger than Microsoft, Apple, Google’s Alphabet, Facebook’s Meta, and Tesla, among others. Just recently, Nvidia’s market cap crossed $3 trillion, despite the company being a global player in manufacturing chips and graphics cards.

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Therefore, Shiba Inu is nowhere close to these multinational corporations and a market cap of $275 trillion seems extremely unlikely. In conclusion, for Shiba Inu to reach $0.25, its must market must cross $275 trillion to consider hitting 25 Cents.