Shiba Inu: Valentine’s Day ‘Burn’ Plans and Roadmap For 2022 is out

Vinod Dsouza
Shiba Inu Valentine's Day Love
Source: Pixabay

Steven Cooper’s Bigger Entertainment has released a ‘burn’ plan for Shiba Inu on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day. The music-streaming website announced it will release a limited-edition ‘Shib lovers merch’ campaign with SHIB-themed outfits to the lovebirds out there.

The CEO of Bigger Entertainment, Steven Cooper confirmed that 80% of all sales from ‘SHIB lovers merch’ will be ‘burnt’. The Shiba Inu-themed Valentine’s Day merch will be launched on January 14 and will be available till February 14, 2022.

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“We are kicking off the year strong with our Shib Lovers merch campaign running from Jan 14 to Feb 14th. And, the best part is 80% of proceeds from all SHIB Lovers purchases will be used to burn SHIB!” read a statement on their website.

Bigger Entertainment also shared a sneak peek of the upcoming lovers’ day merch. “Just dropping by with a sneak peek of our limited edition Shib Lovers Merch! We have 4 exclusive designs dropping every week. Some designs will only be around until Valentine’s Day. So grab yours before this collection vanishes! 80% of proceeds will be used to burn #shib.” the tweet read.

“4 Limited Edition Sets dropping during our #Shib Lovers Merch Campaign. 1 new one each week! Here’s a sneak peek of the first set that will release on January 14th,” tweeted Steven Cooper. However, the window to buy the SHIB Valentine’s Day merchandise will be open from January 14.

Football Fans to Get A Taste of Shiba Inu Merch

Apart from Valentine’s Day merch, Bigger Entertainment will also be dropping Shiba Inu-themed football merchandise. The Shiba Inu football merch sales will also be used to burn the meme-token and reduce its circulating supply. “We have a very special treat for all football fanatics out there! We will be hosting a ‘Shib SuperBurn’ event for the week of Feb 7th to 13th,” their website read.

However, no information is given about the pricing and we’ll have to wait and watch until the sales go live. “More details about each of these burn initiatives and upcoming burn events will be coming soon,” they said.

At the time of publishing, Shiba Inu was trading at $0.00002925 and is down -2.88% in the 24-hours day’s trade.