Shiba Inu: When Will SHIB Reach 50 Cents?

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Shiba Inu is currently trading around the $0.00001876 mark and needs to delete another three zeroes to reach 50 Cents. SHIB was launched on August 1, 2020, with nine zeroes in the indices during its initial days. The cryptocurrency added another zero by the end of 2020 and was trading with 10 zeroes the same year.

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However, as luck hit, Shiba Inu kick-started a zero-deleting spree and deleted six zeroes between January to October 2021. It hit an all-time high of $0.00008616 during October 2021 and remained heavily bullish. The majority of investors are hoping for SHIB to breach its ATH, hit the 1 Cent mark, 50 Cents, and achieve the $1 milestone.

Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency market does not work on the whims and fancies of investors. It has a structure of its own and moves in the indices according to the global financial markets. So will Shiba Inu ever reach the 50-cent mark or remain trading with four zeroes forever? In this article, we will highlight when might SHIB hit the 50 Cents price target.

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When Will Shiba Inu (SHIB) Hit 50 Cents?

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Leading on-chain metrics and price prediction firm Telegaon has painted a bullish picture for Shiba Inu. Moreover, the bullish forecast is only for the long term and investors who hold on for decades might make their wishes come true, according to the estimates.

Telegaon has predicted that Shiba Inu could reach the 50-cent price target sometime in the year 2040. That’s another 16 years from today and is considered a long-term investment.

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Shiba Inu SHIB 50 Cents 2040 Telegaon
Source: Telegaon

The forecast also estimates that SHIB could even touch a new high of 89 Cents in the same year. The average trading price for the token could be around the 76 Cents mark in 2024, according to the prediction.

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Also, the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and cuts both ways delivering severe losses to investors. There is no guarantee that SHIB could reach 50 Cents in 2040. It is advised to do thorough research before taking an entry position into SHIB and trade at your own risk.