Shibnobi’s DojoSwap is live now; Here’s what to expect

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

The much-awaited multi-swap platform by Shibnobi, DojoSwap is finally out. Just as promised, the network rolled out the swap platform during the Dubai crypto expo.

Claimed to be revolutionary, the fervor around DojoSwap skyrocketed. With individuals across the community rooting for the launch, the platform is likely to be a major success.

Please hold your horses! This isn’t the finished product. DojoSwap will make its public debut in three stages. The first stage is the most recent release. The team would work on allowing swaps over Ethereum [ETH], Binance Smart Chain [BSC], and Polygon [MATIC].

In the following two to three weeks, the second edition will be released. On Shibnobi’s DojoSwap, this would entail the integration of transaction logs, visualizations, and charts, as well as any extra data requested.

During a recent reveal of the project, Cliff Fettner, the CEO of Shibnobi showed how to seamlessly trade SHINJA for Ethereum [ETH] on DojoSwap.

Projects listed on DojoSwap

Shibnobi was on a listing spree. The network wanted to enroll an array of projects into DojoSwap as it prepared for launch. As of now the projects listed on the platform are, Saitanobi, FlokiMusk, ThreeOhDao, OBATAMA’s BOBA, Platanaso Token [PLNT], YETI COIN [YETIC] as well as KOUNOTORI Token [KTO].

With the release of the multi-swap platform, more projects are likely to make their debut.

A minor heckle?

Projects encounter technical difficulties during their debut. Similarly, the Shibnobi team warned the community that DojoSwap’s implementation of the newest UI could cause problems in the future.

While the community was celebrating its debut, several people approached Shibnobi to inquire about the differences between DojoSwap and Uniswap. Several people stated flatly that there was no significant difference and that it was simply a rebranding.

A user can, however, trade on the BSC, ETH, and MATIC chains. This is not permitted by Uniswap.