SLERF Price Pumps Towards $0.50 as New $10M Solana Meme Coin SLOTH Prepares for IEO

Joshua Ramos

The Solana meme coin Slerf (SLERF) is pumping hard today, up over 14% as investors pile back into the market.

However, a newer sloth-themed token is also trying to steal the spotlight ahead of its DEX debut next week – Slothana (SLOTH).

The sluggish SLERF coin is picking up serious steam today.

This token is centered around a lazy but lovable sloth mascot, has seen its price rise to $0.416 over the past 24 hours.

SLERF’s price action has surprised most investors, as many believed the token was “dead” after its recent sell-off.

For those unaware, SLERF rose to fame last month after the developer bungled the project’s presale by mistakenly burning all the funds raised.

Rather than fading into obscurity, this blunder launched SLERF into the spotlight as amused traders piled in.

The token also tapped into the frenzy around other Solana-based meme coins at the time, like Book of Meme (BOME).

Since its initial rise, SLERF has struggled to maintain upward momentum – but that has all changed in the past day.

Interestingly, SLERF’s spot volumes are actually down 24%, yet it’s ranked 16th on CoinMarketCap’s “Trending Cryptos” list.

Halving Hype & Doge Day Prompt Meme Coin Buying Frenzy

SLERF certainly isn’t alone in its bullishness – almost every major meme coin is trading higher today.

It’s a full-blown speculative rally as momentum builds ahead of two major upcoming events.

First up, Bitcoin’s highly anticipated halving occurs in less than 24 hours.

While only impacting Bitcoin’s supply, this event has historically led to broader market frenzies as traders brace for impact.

As such, meme coins often get swept up in the hype and volatility.

However, for SLERF, the real milestone could be tomorrow – April 20.

This date is etched in stoner culture and is often called “Doge Day” by crypto enthusiasts.

In previous years, 4/20 has seen a spike in trading volumes for meme coins, and it seems that investors are positioning for another historic day tomorrow.

Whether driven by halving hype, Doge Day, or just a resurgence in speculative interest, crypto’s meme coin sector is clearly popping off today.

And SLERF’s unexpected surge could be just the tip of the iceberg.

New Solana Meme Coin Slothana Stirs Up Pre-Listing Buzz From Retail Traders

Another sloth-themed token that’s generating huge buzz ahead of its open market debut in nine days is Slothana.

This new meme coin has been raking in hype (and cash) at a furious pace recently.

The token depicts a lazy sloth clocking in at a 9-5 job but dreaming of crypto riches, striking a chord with many retail investors.

However, it’s Slothana’s unique “send to wallet” presale strategy that really put it into the limelight.

This strategy saw investors transfer SOL to a designated wallet address at a rate of 1 SOL per 10,000 SLOTH.

Within just three days, the project had raised over $2 million from eager investors.

Since then, Slothana’s team has added a buy widget to the website to facilitate transactions, attracting over $10 million in investment.

Mentions from prominent influencers like Crypto ZEUS and rumors that the token may be a new offering from the developers behind the smash-hit Smog (SMOG) coin are fueling the buying frenzy even more.

SMOG rocketed after launching on Raydium in February, showing the developers know how to whip up a frenzy.

Of course, the meme coin space is littered with tokens that achieve remarkable early hype only to fizzle out.

But Slothana’s hilarious mascot, influencer backing, and experienced creators mean it has all the ingredients for an explosive DEX launch next week.

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