Smart Whale Made $1,641,047,796 in a Year with Shiba Inu, ETH, and CRO: Here’s How

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Smart Whale Made $1,641,047,796 in a Year with Shiba Inu, ETH, and CRO: Here's How

On-chain analyst Reflection recently took to X to unveil the success story of a crypto whale that raked in a staggering $1,641,047,796 in just one year.

The tweet sheds light on the investor’s exceptional skill in uncovering x100 low-cap gems, resulting in a portfolio boost of +3,475,758.8%. The whale has strategically positioned the bulk of their holdings in Ethereum ($ETH), constituting 27% of their capital.

The Whale’s Ethereum holdings stand at an impressive 441 million, with an average purchase price over time pegged at $2,069. The profit and loss statement for Ethereum reflects +$6,732,159. This strategic play in Ethereum showcases the investor’s adept navigation of the crypto market’s nuances.

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Shiba Inu constitutes the third-largest holding of the whale

Beyond Ethereum, the Whale’s portfolio boasts two other substantial assets: Coin (CRO) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). The CRO tokens hold a value of $423,628,077. Meanwhile, the whale’s SHIB holding stands at $374,333,542. The duo contributes to an overall profit and loss of $7,178,953.36.

A look at the whale’s wallet shows that its SHIB holdings have yielded a 5.2% profit of over $18 million. There have been several examples of Shiba Inu millionaires who made a fortune through strategic investment. This whale now adds to that list.

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The strategic positioning and management of these assets highlight the investor’s keen understanding of market dynamics and their ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities.