Solana: Ark Invest Lead Predicts SOL to Pass BNB; But When?

Joshua Ramos
Source – ByteTree

Amid Solana’s continued increases in March, Ark Invest crypto head Chris Burniske said that SOL is set to pass the Binance coin (BNB) on the top crypto list. Indeed, such a development would make SOL the third-highest non-stablecoin digital asset by market cap.

Yet, the question that currently remains is when could that flip eventually take place? Alternatively, Burniske predicted that the asset could be on its way to a new landmark figure. Specifically, he notes that the asset appears “hungry for an ATH” based on its price chart.

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Ark Invest Crypto Lead Predicts Solana to Pass BNB

The digital asset market has seen a rather interesting few months. March had seen massive gains take place for a host of digital assets in the first half. Specifically, Bitcoin led the way, reaching $73,000 on the 14th of the month. Yet, it did face some price corrections that culminated in steep decreases in April’s first month.

However, there is the anticipation that such a development won’t be a trend. Moreover, Solana has proven to be an optimistic investment by many. Not only has it performed well throughout March, increasing more than 40% according to CoinMarketCap, but it has also proven its worth as a network.

Amid the success that Solana has enjoyed, Ark Invest crypto head Chris Burniske has predicted SOL to surpass BNB in the top cryptos. Such a move would push Solana into the top three non-stablecoins and would require a more than $2 billion increase in its market cap.


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According to Burniske, this would be a byproduct of the asset’s ascension to a new all-time high entering into April. In a post, Burniske predicted BNB to “lose its #3 ‘non-stablecoin’ slot forever soon.” Additionally, he predicted that it “always was gonna abe BTC, ETH, [and] SOL this cycle.”

As previously stated, Solana has enjoyed an impressive surge throughout March. Moreover, it is likely to further benefit from the Bitcoin Halving event taking place in April. Its presence at the head of the meme coin mania this year bodes well for its chances.

However, BNB has not had a deficient March. Over the last month, the asset has increased more than 35% in its own right. Altogether, the ascension is likely rooted in its DEX volume success throughout this year, and its meme coin factor. This could lead it to reach the 4th largest cryptocurrency by the end of April.