Solana: SOL Forecasted To Surge 401%, Here’s When

Juhi Mirza
Source: Bitcoinist

Solana is making waves in the cryptocurrency market, surprising traders by projecting sharp price ascents. The token has surged more than 70% in the last month, stabilizing at $184 by press time. 

SOL recently breached the $200 mark before encountering a slight re-correction in price. The token is up 21% in the last seven days, showing promising signs of gradual progress and ascent.

Solana’s stellar price performance has compelled platforms across the internet to make predictions based on its current price trajectory. If SOL continues to leverage the current market momentum, it will soon become one of the leading cryptocurrencies dominating the sector. 

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Solana to Surge 400%?

Source: Analytics Insight

Solana has recently been making headlines due to its thriving ecosystem mechanisms and price ascents. SOL has recently flipped Ethereum in 7-day DEX volume metrics. 

Similarly, the token’s telegram BOT has also noted a surge in 24-hour on-chain volume. 

The increased user interest and Blockhain’s continuous effort to improve the network’s resilience have compelled SOL to climb a new price. 

Per CoinCodex, a crypto analytics platform, Solana is forecast to surge 400% if it continues to work on fostering its ecosystem. At the same time, if SOL continues to gain credible market momentum, it can breach the $800 price target by 2025. 

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“The SOL price prediction for 2025 is currently between $198.83 on the lower end and $939.67 on the high end. Compared to today’s price, Solana could gain 405.08% by 2025 if SOL reaches the upper price target.”

For the next 30 days (March 19–April 19), the platform predicts that Solana may continue to cross significant price barriers and may hit the $295 price threshold. 

“The Solana price forecast for the next 30 days is a projection based on the positive and negative trends in the past 30 days. Based on these Solana projections, SOL will be changing hands at $295.38 on March 25, 2024, gaining 48.56% in the process.”