Solana [SOL] Weekly Price Prediction

Sahana Kiran
Source – Wealth Mastery

Solana (SOL) has once again surged in the cryptocurrency market, showcasing resilience after a recent 8% dip with a notable 15% daily gain. Currently trading at $101.69, Solana remains a dynamic player in the crypto space. The Q4 2023 financial report unveils impressive growth indicators, shaping expectations for the week ahead.

Solana’s Q4 2023 Financial Report highlights substantial progress

Income Growth: In Q4, Solana’s income surged 3.4 times compared to Q3 and an impressive 4 times compared to the same period last year.

Transaction Metrics: In 2023, SOL recorded almost 104 billion vote transactions and over 9.8 billion non-vote transactions. Average daily active addresses doubled in Q4, showcasing increased user engagement.


Total Value Locked (TVL): Solana’s TVL experienced a significant boost, increasing by $1.16 billion during the quarter.

NFT Activity: The NFT ecosystem on SOL thrived, witnessing over 11.8 million new NFTs minted in the same period.

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SOL Price Forecast for January 2024

Considering SOL’s 2023 price fluctuations, crypto experts predict an average SOL rate of $99.87 in January 2024, with minimum and maximum prices expected at $99.08 and $100.66, respectively.

Solana Throughout the Week

Anticipating a potentially volatile week, SOL is expected to face a 12% drop on Jan. 9. However, Changelly’s insights suggest a subsequent recovery, with the platform predicting a 4-5% rise in SOL, offering a positive outlook for investors.


Solana’s recent market movements and the robust Q4 2023 financial report position the altcoin for an eventful week. With expected volatility, investors are advised to stay vigilant. The projected recovery, as indicated by Changelly, adds optimism to Solana’s outlook, emphasizing the coin’s resilience and growth potential. The crypto community eagerly awaits further developments as SOL navigates challenges and opportunities in the coming days.

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