Solidus AITECH AI Marketplace: Unleashing the Power of AI and GPU Computing

Paigambar Mohan Raj

The global GPU market has exploded over the last couple of years. Thanks to major advancements in AI and graphics computing, Nvidia momentarily rose to the top of the global valuation charts. With the introduction of its extensive AI Marketplace and GPU Marketplace, Solidus AITECH is another project that aims to transform AI and GPU computing. Users and developers can relish a smooth and easy-to-use experience on both platforms. Finding, implementing, and managing AI solutions as well as high-performance computing resources will be made easier by the project’s innovative approach.

AITECH AI Marketplace

The Solidus AITECH AI Marketplace provides an easy way for people of all levels of experience to locate and use AI solutions. Among the platform’s key features are:

Foundational AI Models: These are open-source building blocks such as Large Language Models and image generators.

AI Agents: These are pre-built assistants for automating tasks. This feature is available under subscription or pay-per-use plans.

Standalone AI Solutions: These comprise a number of programs for diverse problems.

Detailed descriptions, user evaluations, a user-friendly search engine, and usage recommendations will make locating the ideal AI solution simple and fast. With a credit point system (USDAI) protecting customers from cryptocurrency fluctuations, deployment will only take a few clicks.

Comprehensive Support and Easy Management

Solidus AITECH puts the needs of its customers first and provides a simple return policy for one-time purchases. Through a comprehensive profile page, users will be able to oversee their AI experience, managing credits, subscriptions, and favorite solutions all in one location.

Users will also benefit from an easy-to-use listing portal. This will simplify the process of showcasing solutions, managing pricing, and using customer feedback for improvement.

AITECH GPU Marketplace

Through the use of a worldwide network of GPU providers and a European HPC data center, the Solidus Ai Tech GPU Marketplace will offer unrivaled processing power. Businesses of all sizes will be able to install instances, customize their environment, and browse a variety of GPUs with just one click.

Workload optimization will be achieved using a centralized control panel that makes use of analytics, performance monitoring, and readily available logs. GPU resource suppliers can instantly reach a worldwide audience by managing and listing their offerings.

Solidus Ai Tech Roadmap Q3-Q4

Huge marketing campaign

Community building

Complete Hack AI Thon

Start partnerships with projects requiring HPC power

Launch GPU and AI Marketplaces

Secret product launches

Additional NVIDIA servers for the Data Center

Complete the interior of the data center

Hiring additional team members

Attend global blockchain conferences

Bridge $AITECH on additional chains

Fundraising for additional NVIDIA servers

Tier 1 CEX listings

$2 billion market capitalization

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