StepOfDoge is a Project that will Bring you Closer to your Pet

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: StepOfDoge, Twitter

StepOfDoge is a unique Web3 lifestyle application with Game-Fi and Social-Fi features built-in. The projects game token is called STEPG, while the Governance token is called STEPD.

StepOfDoge is an initiative for those who wish to develop their bond with their pets while also earning money in a meaningful way. STEPD is the first Move-To-Earn project with a strong connection to pets.

Users use their NFTs in conjunction with the STEPD-Collar smart collar. Every move users and their pets take together will provide several amazing outcomes. The goal of the Social-Fi system in the future is to link millions of pet owners and help them take their pets out together. With Web3 technology, social-Fi aims to become even better, a future trend that will take the lead.

For people worried about trust and security, the project has had its audit and KYC done by CyberScope.

The project is still in development and is in the Public Beta Phase. Once released, users will be able to download the application on their android or iOS devices.

Game Fi elements and systems of StepOfDoge

StepOfDoge comes with three different game modes: Solo, Multiplayer, and Background.

In Solo Mode, users are given NFT and must move to acquire tokens. Each NFT will have a distinct energy level, allowing players to spend more time with their pets while still earning money. Users may still spend time with pets in their own way when the energy runs out. The STEPD team is also carefully timing the move-to-earn activities to guarantee the user’s and their pet’s health and to prevent excessive move-to-earn misuse.

Solo playing aside, many pet lovers may stroll together thanks to the multiplayer option. Only Multiplayer allows users to strengthen the community’s bond and complete specific goals.

Players can only earn money on solo and multiplayer modes.

Users will be still able to earn STEPG even if the STEPD app is not actively utilized. Background Mode will track their steps via the Health Data app on their mobile device, with a daily limit of 4,000 steps. These profits are unaffected by Efficiency or other bonuses, and they do not count toward the daily STEPG Cap.

Moreover, each pet will have a physical collar to help track its movements.

Source: StepOfDoge


For the game-fi feature, there is a 2% marketplace trading fee, 3% marketplace royalty fee, 5% NFT minting fee, and a 7% fee for the dog-collar rental.

STEPD will have a total supply of 6,000,000,000 tokens. The tokenomics of STEPD are illustrated below.

Source: StepOfDoge

While STEPD has a fixed number of tokens, STEPG, the game token is unlimited and users can earn it in all game modes.

Roadmap and future of StepOfDoge

The StepOfDoge project has a clear roadmap laid in front. The team plans to release the second version of its whitepaper this May. Moreover, it will also close its Beta test this month, while running a huge marketing campaign.

StepOfDoge also aims to release its Public Beta version by Q3 of this year. They also will be listing STEPD NFTs on the Binance NFT marketplace by Q3.

Source: StepOfDoge

Additionally, StepOfDoge is already listed on CoinMarketCap.

For additional information, you can visit their website, Twitter, Telegram, or Telegram group chat.