Steven Cooper on Shiba Inu Exit: It Pains Me to be Labeled As a Scammer

Vinod Dsouza
steven cooper bigger entertainment ceo shiba inu burn
Source: Twitter / Steven Cooper

The CEO of Bigger Entertainment, Steven Cooper abruptly exited his ‘SHIB burn’ project last week and parted ways with Shiba Inu. His project was among the first to have initiated SHIB burns in October last year and kickstarted the ‘burn’ trend within the community. Cooper confirmed in a series of tweets, which are now deleted that he’ll no longer continue with the burn process.

Moreover, the announcement was made on April 1 (fools day). Steven made it clear that his exit is not an April fools joke and he’s serious with the decision.

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As soon as his exit announcement came through, talks about him being a scammer flooded social media. Several users accused him of profiteering from the project and exiting after sucking out all the money from the community.

Steven was seen replying to most of the comments confirming he was transparent and all transaction details were shared publicly.

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He revealed that accusations of him being a scammer by the community have pained him deeply, despite being transparent with all transactions. The Bigger Entertainment CEO said, “It pains me to be labeled as a scammer and be accused of lack of transparency when it feels like the team hides behind avatars, doesn’t share financials with the public,” he said to IBTimes.

Bigger Entertainment first started burning SHIB with their music playlists and found success in the idea. His website slowly progressed into burning the token through merchandise and postcards, which was also a success. His firm burned millions of tokens each day and removed them out of circulation sending them to a dead wallet.

Shiba Inu ‘Burn Project’

Now that Bigger Entertainment’s SHIB burn has come to a screeching halt, Shiba Inu token will fill in the void and indulge in the burn process. During a recent SHIB AMA, Growth Breed member Archangel confirmed that the ‘SHIB Burn’ portal is in the final stages.

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“I know there’s a lot of asking for burns. We’re in the final stages of building a burn portal,” he said on Twitter Spaces. Nonetheless, the release date of the burn portal is not revealed.

At press time, Shiba Inu was trading at $0.00002644 and is up +0.56% in the 24-hours day trade. The token picked up steam this month and is up +11.4% in the last 14-trading days.