Sudan to Join and Adopt BRICS Currency?

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The potential expansion of the BRICS bloc has been at the forefront of global discourse. Moreover, as the annual summit is set to arrive in just a matter of months, those discussions will take on more importance. Alternatively, could the country of Sudan join and adopt the BRICS currency?

Sudan is one of multiple African nations looking to join South Africa in the BRICS alliance. If BRICS+ is established at the upcoming BRICS summit in August, can the nation join BRICS? And will it use the BRICS common currency right away? Let’s discuss it.

The potential expansion of the BRICS bloc has been at the forefront of global discourse. Could Sudan join and adopt the BRICS currency?
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Sudan to Join BRICS?

Currently, Sudan is involved in a heated conflict between rival factions of the military government. This battle has continued since April, hence, Sudan has not been associated with the recent BRICS news. However, the country has shown interest in the bloc in the past.

Additionally, the BRICS alliance does have a mutual interest in the country, as it called for an extended ceasefire in Sudan. The nations each have citizens in Sudan and have been looking to evacuate the last of their citizens. The officials of each country urged all stakeholders in Sudan to pursue dialogue in order to achieve a political transition that meets the fundamental interests of the country and the legitimate aspirations of its people.

It is hard to determine Sudan’s status with joining BRICS considering this ongoing turmoil. However, it is still possible that the country will continue pursuing joining the BRICS Nations. If the fighting in Sudan ends before August, it will be interesting to see Sudan’s stance on a BRICS common currency. One will also wonder about BRICS’ reciprocal interest in the African nation joining BRICS+ in the near future.