Super Bowl LVIII: No Crypto Ads as Established Brands Rule the Field

Sahana Kiran
Super Bowl
Source – Sportsbook Wire

As excitement mounts for Super Bowl LVIII, one notable change in the advertising lineup is the absence of cryptocurrency firms. This represents a significant departure from previous years, especially in 2022. During this period crypto advertisements garnered significant attention with high-profile commercials featuring celebrities. The shift away from cryptocurrency advertising mirrors a broader trend in the marketing strategy for the event, with well-established brands taking the spotlight.

Transitioning Away from Crypto Ads

In contrast to prior years, where cryptocurrency exchanges such as FTX dominated Super Bowl ad space, this year’s event did not feature any crypto ads. Instead, brands like BMW, Budweiser, and State Farm decided to have prominent positions. This adjustment follows Super Bowl LVII in 2023, which notably lacked digital asset ads amidst a tumultuous period in the crypto market.


Despite the resurgence of the crypto market, many firms are constrained by financial considerations and are choosing to allocate advertising budgets elsewhere. With advertising slots commanding a substantial $7 million price tag, some crypto companies believe they can achieve better results by targeting users outside the United States. Mayur Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer of Kraken, underscores this strategic pivot, emphasizing the significance of global user acquisition over Super Bowl advertising.

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Evolution of Marketing Approaches

Gupta also highlights a shift in marketing strategies within the crypto industry. While previous campaigns focused on generating hype and fostering FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), current approaches prioritize education and awareness. This reflects the industry’s maturation and a recognition of the importance of educating consumers about the benefits and functionalities of digital assets. He said,

“The Super Bowl is a very U.S.-centric event, and the next wave of crypto users will come from all around the world, not just the United States. If the last wave of crypto marketing was all about hype and FOMO, this current wave has to be rooted in education and awareness for the substance and true value proposition of crypto as a movement that will bring financial freedom and inclusion.”

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The absence of cryptocurrency advertisements during Super Bowl LVIII signifies a notable shift in the marketing landscape, with established brands taking precedence over emerging digital asset firms. While financial constraints contribute to this decision, there is also a strategic pivot towards global user acquisition and a more sophisticated approach to marketing within the crypto industry. As the market continues to evolve, it becomes evident that crypto companies are adapting their strategies to meet changing consumer preferences and market dynamics.