Tesla’s Surprise Collaboration with McDonald’s Unveils “Cyber Spoons” in China

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Tesla's Surprise Collaboration with McDonald's Unveils "Cyber Spoons" in China

In a surprising move, Tesla’s Chinese business arm has joined forces with McDonald’s. The collaboration is to introduce a unique and limited-edition product: the “Cyber Spoon.”

Tesla Cybertruck spoon China boasts distinctive design elements of Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) and a sleek brushed silver finish.

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Tesla Cybertruck spoon China priced at 30 yuan

Priced at an affordable 30 yuan (approximately $4), each spoon comes complete with its own storage tube. They also feature the label “powered by Tesla.” An intriguing detail to note is the inscription on the spoon itself, which reads “DON’T PANIC.” It pays homage to the iconic phrase from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” a book by Tesla’s CEO.

McDonald’s in China is further embracing the Cybertruck inspiration by incorporating it into their McFlurry packaging. The collaboration was seen as a prank with even Elon Musk himself initially dismissing it as “fake news.” However, the official announcement of this partnership was made via Tesla’s Weibo account in China and McDonald’s Xiaohongshu account, a popular Chinese social media platform.

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Additionally, they have previously introduced a “Cybervault” charging box, catering to the unique tastes of the Chinese market.

While it is unlikely that these “Cyber Spoons” will be made available outside of China, Tesla’s US-based website offers a plethora of quirky merchandise for enthusiasts. Among the eclectic collection are a desktop “Supercharger” cable organizer, a Tesla logo branding iron, and even, at one point, a $250 bottle of “Teslaquila.”