Terra Validator Slams Do Kwon’s ‘Dictatorship Model’ on LUNA Fork Vote

Vinod Dsouza
Terra LUNA Founder Do Kwon
Source: Woohae Cho/Bloomberg

Terra validators are currently voting to approve or disapprove of the plan to revive the Terra blockchain suggested by Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon. Terra LUNA Hard Fork vote is ongoing with 80% of users in favor of Do Kwon’s suggestion to Fork LUNA. However, one Terra validator with 1.49% of the vote claims that Do Kwon’s proposal is being pushed ahead by force. The validator also hit at Do Kwon saying that his proposal looks like a “dictatorship model.”

Allnodes CEO and founder Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky stated that Do Kwon’s model to Fork LUNA lacks decentralization. “We didn’t like the fact that the whole governance process of this proposal looks like a dictatorship model,” he said to The Block Crypto.

Konstantin also added that the launch of LUNA Fork looked like its been decided even before the votes were in. “It looks like the launch of new chain is decided even before voting is finished,” he said.

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Allnodes is one among the five validators that voted against Do Kwon’s plan to Hard Fork Luna. They represent 1.49% of the overall Terra network’s staked LUNA. At present only 19.7% of votes have gone out against Do Kwon’s suggestions of Hard Forking LUNA.

Before the governance voting went live, a preliminary voting module showed that 92% of users were against Kwon’s Forking plans. However, the governance voting took a complete u-turn from the preliminary voting with 80% in favor of the LUNA Fork.

“90% active community is against Fork and still the founder pushes his own narrative without listening to his community,” said Konstantin.

Konstantin revealed that the LUNA Fork plan is not the best option and Do Kwon should take more time to sort out the mess. Allnodes decided to stand on the community’s side and voted to veto Kwon’s proposal.

Terra Luna Hard Fork Vote

After the first round of voting is complete in favor of the Terra LUNA Hard Fork, the Terra Core release and launch instructions will be published on May 21. The publishing timeline can be extended as essential developers will have time to register up until May 25.

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On May 27, the launch snapshot for UST and Luna holders will be taken. Do Kwon’s proposal claims that investors in the ecosystem will be airdropped their allocation of 1 billion LUNA. The network and chain upgrade might launch the next day, but we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation.