Tether CEO Calls Bitcoin the Only Decentralized Currency

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Tether CEO Pablo Ardoino has called Bitcoin (BTC) the only true decentralized currency. The executive of the largest stablecoin issuer, Ardoino lauded the leading asset as truly one of a kind. Moreover, he noted BTC is a token that may never be dethroned.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Ardoino noted Bitcoin is “the only example of a currency that is only ruled by math that basically cannot be changed.” That reality makes it absent from any centralization. No matter the efforts of the token’s contemporaries, that aspect has become increasingly difficult to replicate.

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Tether CEO Says Bitcoin Remains One-of-a-Kind

The stablecoin market has certainly proven its worth in recent years. Its prominence has drawn participation from companies like Ripple and others. Specifically, these firms observe the market’s massive growth trajectory. The issuer of the largest stablecoin has recently discussed one asset that stands above the entire industry.

Tether’s CEO has discussed why Bitcoin is in a league of its own. As far as digital assets go, their decentralization infuses them with rarity. Additionally, it doesn’t suffer from an influx of updates and changes that come from developers seeking to remain at the forefront of change.

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“With the other currencies, you see that there is a group of developers that come every month. They are coming out with a new software release, they can change monetary policy, inflationary, deflationary, and they keep changing things,” Adoino stated.

Conversely, the executive said BTC “is about certainty.” Ardoino also noted that there is unlikely to be any asset that surpasses it. The quality of its infrastructure is unable to be replicated in the current landscape. It’s why the asset has remained on the market for so long.

That hasn’t altered in 2024, where it still leads the industry. In March of this year, it reached an all-time high of $73,000.