The ‘B’ in Barbie Movie Stands for Bitcoin: Crypto Community

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Koimoi

Margot Robbie, the lead actress in the movie Barbie, recently made a Bitcoin reference in one of her interviews. She said that whenever she overheard her husband, Tom Ackerley, and television producer, David Heyman, discussing Bitcoin on set, she was reminded of Ken’s personality. Ken is Barbie’s fictional co-star in the movie, starring Ryan Gosling. She said,

When David and Tom would start talking about Bitcoin or something, Gretta and I would be like, you’re being such Kens!”

She added that is “hard to define” what makes a Ken, but clarified, that having “Big Ken Energy” or “Ken-ergy” is a good thing.

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Barbie Movie Star’s Bitcoin Reference Could ‘Shift’ Public Perception

People from the crypto community were clearly delighted with Robbie’s mention of Bitcoin. They now expect the Barbie star’s “Big Ken Energy” analogy to further propel Bitcoin into “mainstream conversation.” Several have pointed out that this exhibit shows that even high-profile figures are “keen” on it. Explaining how this could be a game-changer, Seth Michael Steele recently tweeted,

This might catalyze a shift in public perception, with more people forming their own opinions, rather than being influenced by negative hearsay. The upcoming cycle could be a pivotal moment for BTC, gaining broader acceptance beyond just high-net-worth individuals.

~$10 trillion asset manager BlackRock executive Larry Fink recently endorsed Bitcoin and called it an international asset. With people from Hollywood now jumping onto the bandwagon, Steele believed that “this trend will continue,” and could potentially even “pick up pace.”

Several believe that this is Bitcoin’s “mainstream” moment and could end up being scripted in the books of crypto history.

Lea Thompson, also known as GirlGoneCrypto, recently brought to light the double standards of people from the crypto space. She highlighted that until last week, Bitcoiners took pride in not watching the movie. However, after Robbie’s “Ken-ergy” comments, they have become “bullish.” Parallelly, Layah Heilpern interpreted the Barbie star’s comments in a different way. According to her, Robbie meant Bitcoiners were “weak” and that was not a good thing. However, most others remained optimistic about Robbie’s reference, with some even suggesting that that the ‘B’ in Barbie stands for Bitcoin.

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