The Cheapest CryptoPunk You Can Buy Is Now More Than $100,000 in Ethereum

What are Cryptpunks

CryptoPunks are legendary crypto-collectibles that were minted on Ethereum back in 2017. But they didn’t take off until recently when the market for NFTs started booming

And now some CryptoPunk sales have gone up to millions of dollars! The floor might be around $10K at this point, and it keeps going up every day.


The cheapest CryptoPunk available on secondary markets is currently more than $100k worth of ETH. 

And the lowest-priced CryptoPunk listed per creator Larva Labs’ tracker costs 39ETH. Therefore it will cost about $108 000 at the current exchange rate as of this writing.

Today’s Ethereum price surge has something to do with the London hard fork(EIP-1559). The hard Fork alters how transactions take place within their blockchain networks.

For the first time, cryptocurrency is eliminating its mining fee from circulation. This could have profound implications for value in this fledgling currency as it continues to plateau and grows.

There was an upgrade of the ethereum network this morning. And as of now, more than 580 ETH (about $1.63 million worth) has burn!

The price of ETH has skyrocketed after the launch of their latest upgrade. Additionally, the deflationary measures have made it rise more than 7% over the last couple of hours. Therefore the current value exceeds $2,800 per coin.

CryptoPunks are back and hotter than ever! The cheapest NFT now sells for $100,000. This price jump is likely due to a recent uptick in activity from buyers after all coins dipped below their original listing prices following an influx of new sellers last month.

In July, the top 10 most expensive NFTs were CryptoPunks. The rarest of these was sold for a whopping $5.47 million!


Gary Vaynerchuk, a prolific investor, and social media influencer sold his own collection of NFTs in the past. But has bought one CryptoPunk for $3.7 million worth of ETH last week.

NFTs are a type of token which allows for validation between two parties via blockchain technology. This breakthrough has made it possible to have ownership over in-game items. 

And other types of media with ease, thus making them more valuable than they would be otherwise!

The NFT market has been on fire with $2.5 billion in transaction volume across the first half of 2021, according to DappRadar statistics.

CryptoPunks are the latest craze in collectibles. They have taken off since their launch for one reason: they’re just so darn cute!

Although there can be different kinds of NFT collectibles, CryptoPunks seem to be famous and influential among collectors.

The market for physical-digital assets is exploding with new, innovative projects every day. One of the most recent and successful was Weird Whales. A 12-year old entrepreneur Lillian Calamai who made $160k in a single day!