The Doge Pound NFT – Everything You Need to Know


Dogecoin, currently one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, has inspired many other digital assets. The Doge Pound is one such digital asset. However, while it takes inspiration from Dogecoin, it is distinctly different in many important aspects. Here is everything you need to know about The Doge Pound. 

What is The Doge Pound? 

Like many other digital assets bearing the Doge name, The Doge Pound is an NFT inspired by passion for man’s best furry friend. To this end, the NFT pieces all feature images of dogs of all breeds and sizes – including many that you have never seen before. It is hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain, one of the most reliable and secure blockchain networks. 

The Doge Pound is a tight-knit community limited to 10,000 members. This is because there are only 10,000 NFT pieces, and you need at least one to join the gang. 

The Doge Pound is community-oriented. To this end, the developers aim to give community members opportunities to contribute to the community in many ways, including voting on the project’s initiatives. 

Characterized by Uniqueness 

Photo Courtesy — The Doge Pound NFT

NFT is art, and the most important aspect of any piece of art is its uniqueness. The Doge Pound’s developers are just as passionate about art as they are about dogs, and they go into great detail when creating each of the 10,000 NFTs. 

Each NFT piece is unique in one or several aspects, including bodily features such as size, breed, eyes, and fur, as well as secondary features such as clothes and other accessories. The algorithms behind these NFTs change and adjust these properties while also magnifying their unique details, making it easy to distinguish every piece. 

These NFTs’ uniqueness varies, and some are more outstanding than others. Consequently, they are grouped into three categories: common, uncommon, and rare. Avid collectors can easily tell the most outstanding pieces – alternatively, you can use online tools designed to measure NFTs’ uniqueness

The diversity of these NFT pieces makes it easy to find one that suits your unique tastes and preferences. For example, some dogs are dressed in bulky spacesuits, while others are dressed more like real-life dogs. 

A Money-Making Opportunity 

One of the most notable aspects about The Doge Pound is that NFT and Doge holders can make money. The NFT was initially priced at 0.069 ETH, but it is currently selling at a higher price. Additionally, the NFTs are expected to grow in popularity among dog enthusiasts and people interested in contributing to dogs’ welfare, growing their demand and value in the long term. 

The Doge Pound is also seeking to strike partnerships with other notable projects. For example, it recently made a deal with Dogecoin Unishiba, another promising digital asset. 

This NFT is available for purchase on OpenSea and few other platforms. You will need a compatible crypto wallet to buy and store these NFTs. You will also need ETH to make the transaction. However, it is worth noting that these NFTs are limited, and finding one may take time considering their growing demand.