“Gutter Cat Gang” NFT Sells For $191,018 USD

Gutter Cat NFT

Companies are designing new Non-Fungible tokens each week as they continue gaining more popularity in the crypto market. The 8,888 Pudgy Penguins, for example, sold out in less than 20 minutes after their minting. Gutter Cat Gang becomes the latest sensation in the NFTs to hit headlines.

After its launching in May 2021, the Gutter Cat Gang NFTs became the talk of the town, and it still is. Ten minutes after their reveal, all the cat NFTs sold out. Gutter Cat Gang informed its followers through Twitter that user eight8eight purchased the Gold tattooed and laser-eyed Gutter Cat gang NFT number 2860 for US $191,018 which is 58.88 ETH.

What is Gutter Cat Gang?

The Gutter cat gang comprises 3,000 uniquely designed Gutter cats NFTs that exist in the post-apocalyptic shatters of society. They operate in a futuristic environment around 2050 when they supposedly take over society.

Like most NFTs, it is found on the Ethereum blockchain, and once you purchase one of the 3,000 available cats, you’re given legal ownership and get to be initiated into the gang. 

Once you make a purchase, on Opensea, for example, the platform will mint a Gutter Cat and deliver it to your account’s wallet.

Gutter Cat Gang Designs 

Algorithmically generated, each Gutter cat NFT combines one hundred and twenty-three properties and varied rare features in nine categories (furs, hats, mouth, shorts, backgrounds, eyes, earrings, Beards, and necklaces).

The recently sold Gutter Cat NFT, for example, has the following unique properties:

• Background-Blue

• Earring-Gold cross

• Eyes-Laser BTC

• Beards-Stubble 

• Mouth-toothpick

• Fur- Gold tats

• Necklace- Gold chains

Are the Gutter Cats Here to stay?

When it was launched, many people came forth to express their fears about this question for some key reasons. These NFTs sold out, but some rare ones experienced undervaluing.

Some people doubted that the NTFs lacked the ‘Non-Fungible’ aspect, meaning they were minted for ERC-1155 instead of the standard ERC -721.

The team also released their NFTs an hour earlier than they had stated. In addition to this, several cat owners matched and caused some disorganization. The team failed to respond quickly, causing chaos in the chat. 

These cats, however, seem to have a promising future. The team has a clear and organized road map on their website, and their engagement with the community through their merchandise and comics is an excellent strategy to remain relevant. 

In addition to this, they have planned future collaborations, and owners will also get gifts like 3D voxel Gutter Cat NFTs plus gas.

Their strategies seem well organized, and their future in the crypto market seems secure, and that’s on “Purr.” Get it?