The Total Number of Bitcoin ATMs in the World Exceeds 30000


Bitcoin ATMs are a hot commodity these days. Bitcoin cash dispensers have been on an upward trend since January. This has seen their numbers doubling from under 14000 to more than 30000 now! With close to 80 countries hosting crypto-to-fiat teller machines globally.

The number of ATMs supporting leading cryptocurrencies has more than tripled since January. The Coin ATM Radar website records that 14,016 locations were available for these services in January. By October 27, this figure had grown to 30K.

Source: Coin ATM Radar

Bitcoin ATMs Distribution

Cryptocurrencies are becoming an accepted form of payment all over the world. There are now more than 600 crypto ATMs operators in 76 countries. The United States has 26,000 locations while neighboring Canada only has 2200, and Europe hosts 1 353.

Crypto teller devices have increased in Spain (155) and Switzerland (130). Yet, not all trends have been positive. Numbers have declined in other major markets such as Austria, from this year’s high of 156 in June to 140 now. Also, the U.K. saw a dramatic fall from 229 on January 1 to 98 as of Wednesday.

Crypto ATMs give a way to buy bitcoin and sell one or more altcoins, like bitcoin cash (BCH), ether(ETH), litecoin(LTC). Some offer stablecoins like tether USDT or popular altcoins like DOGE. Two-way tellers machines can also buy your crypto for you from these machines.

Source: Coin ATM Radar

The top 10 cryptocurrency ATM providers maintain almost 68% of all crypto ATMs, or more than 20,300. Bitcoin Depot, which has been expanding its network in the U.S., is still leading with 5 314 units (17%). Besides, Coincloud comes second at 4 028 devices accounting for 13%. And Coinflip’s 2 953 machines account for less than 10% worldwide Total.

Genesis Coin is the leading BATM manufacturer, accounting for over 40% of all ATMs. Other producers include General Bytes with more than 22%. Bitaccess comes in third place at 14%, then Coinsource who has installed 611 machines so far. Lamassu with under 2%. There are also smaller companies getting involved 7.2% total market share.