These Are the Largest Cryptocurrency VCs In Altcoins

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Vox

Researcher Thor Hartvigsen took to Twitter and shared the holdings of the top cryptocurrency VCs. According to Hartvigsen, the top 20 cryptocurrency funds have more than 1200 wallets.

Jump Trading:

Hartvigsen identified Jump Trading as the largest cryptocurrency VC. With a total balance of $3.8 billion, the company’s portfolio of altcoins is dominated by Ethereum, valued at $3.25 billion. Furthermore, Shiba Inu ($328 million), MATIC ($81 million), USDC ($50 million), wBTC ($50 million), LINK ($20 million), and COMP ($14 million) are the tokens that follow behind.


Wintermute, with a balance of $401 million, is the second-largest cryptocurrency VC. Moreover, Wintermute also owns a large portion of Ethereum ($301 million in wETH). Moreover, the next largest investments are in OP ($47 million), LDO ($22.2 million), ETH ($17 million), GALA ($7.5 million), FTM ($7.3 million), DYDX ($6.6 million), BLUR ($6 million), HFT ($5.7 million), and MATIC ($5.1 million).


The third position is held by Paradigma, which has a $382 million overall balance. Lido Finance (LDO), which has a $195 million position, is Paradigma’s largest cryptocurrency asset. LDO is followed by $166.5 million in ETH and $22.47 million in MKR. Additionally, Optimism, Synthetix, DYDX, Osmosis, Uniswap, and Starkware are also a part of the firm’s portfolio.


A16z is in fourth position with $310 million in cryptocurrency. Around 4% of all UNI tokens ($257 million in UNI) are under the possession of a16z. Moreover, $15.5 million USDC/ETH LP and $13.7 million USDCOMP make up a16z’s next two largest holdings.

Amber Group:

Amber Group, which has a $245 million market cap and uses Ethereum substantially ($119 million in ETH), comes in fifth position. Following ETH are $8.3 million in DYDX, $21.5 million in FET, and $74 million in USDC/USDT.

Interestingly, the analyst claims that out of all the liquid staking providers, Amber Group is most convinced by SWISE ($2.2 million). It’s also important to note that all $21.5 million worth of FET (FetchAI) was purchased in the previous three days.