Theta Network Dips Over 10% But Could 5thScape Be the Next Big VR Crypto?

Joshua Ramos
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The crypto market saw red again yesterday, with several major tokens experiencing double-digit percentage pullbacks.

Theta Network’s THETA token was one of the biggest losers, plummeting more than 10% as bearish sentiment dominated the market.

However, despite the unfavorable conditions, one project that continues to draw praise from investors is the VR platform 5thScape and its native 5SCAPE token.

THETA Price Takes a Dive After Reaching Local High

THETA has been one of the biggest laggards in the market this week.

The token took a heavy beating, plunging over 10% to trade around $2.62.

This marks THETA’s lowest valuation since March 5, when it tapped $2.35 before rebounding aggressively.

Diminished trading volumes have accompanied THETA’s decline, with spot market flows down a staggering 23% from Monday.

From a technical analysis standpoint, THETA’s price action has been displaying several bearish signals over the past few trading sessions.

THETA has been carving out a series of lower highs and lower lows on the 4-hour chart – a pattern that often precedes even further downside in the short term.

Zooming out further, THETA is now back trading in the bottom half of the range it’s been stuck in since the first week of March.

With a lack of any nearby support levels, some traders are bracing for THETA to fall even further.

Fundamentals Give THETA Investors Hope After Price Plunge

Theta Network’s recent underperformance is a sharp contrast to the widespread hype and enthusiasm surrounding the project just ten days earlier.

THETA’s rise kicked off in early February when demand ramped up, and the token surged over 300% in one month.

Mounting excitement about Theta Network’s innovative decentralized video streaming infrastructure and content delivery network (CDN) helped fuel this rally.

Using blockchain tech and incentivized node operation, Theta’s platform promises reduced costs and better quality of service than other CDNs.

The project’s subreddit has over 30,000 members – highlighting the firm belief in Theta Network’s long-term vision.

Additionally, the development team has partnered with high-profile names like Google and Binance to serve as “Enterprise Validator Nodes.”

In turn, this has added further legitimacy to the network.

So, while THETA’s pullback has been steep, the fundamental factors that drove last month’s surge are still in place.

5thScape’s VR Ecosystem Rockets Onto Investors’ Radars Amid Discounted Presale Phase

Although Theta Network may have gotten ahead of itself with the recent rally, the door could still be open for other promising projects to shine.

One that’s been consistently generating buzz is the immersive VR platform 5thScape and its 5SCAPE token.

While Theta brought some fresh innovation to video streaming and delivery, 5thScape is cranking things up by entering the red-hot VR gaming space.

The developers intend to craft an interconnected ecosystem containing AAA games, futuristic VR hardware, creator marketplaces – and more.

As outlined in 5thScape’s whitepaper, the developers’ ambitions are staggering.

5thScape will launch adrenaline-pumping titles like Cage Conquest, Immersive Kickoff, and Thrust Hunter to ensure there’s something for everyone.

The project will also create and market ergonomic VR chairs and high-res headsets designed for maximum immersion.

Powering this entire ecosystem is the 5SCAPE token itself, an Ethereum-based coin that will let holders access 5thScape’s full suite of products and features.

As an added benefit, 5SCAPE token holders can stake their tokens and generate passive income through 5thScape’s rewards pool.

With early investors buzzing and 5SCAPE tokens on offer for just $0.00215 during the ongoing presale, it’s no surprise that over 16,700 people have opted to join the official Telegram channel.

So, while THETA’s price may have taken a hit, 5thScape’s growing community and ambitious vision suggest it could be the next breakout star in the VR crypto space.

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