This actor’s BAYC was stolen; urges the community not to buy them

Sahana Kiran
Source – Pixabay

The crypto-verse has been a witness to scams and hacks of the highest order. Now, it seems like this has reached the Ape dominated NFT space. This time, scammers eyed BAYC, MAYC as well as Doodle NFTs from actor, Seth Green.

Green took to Twitter to reveal that he had lost the aforementioned NFTs through a phishing attack. Along with this, he also urged the community not to buy or trade these NFTs. The actor seemed to have found a user who had purchased his stolen ape.

Initially, only the BAYC NFT was sold, however, the scammer went on to soon sell the remaining three for about 160 ETH which is over $300,000. While Green continued urging the community to stay wary of the above seen NFTs, SlowMist, a blockchain security firm tracked down the scammer’s address.

Elaborating on the scammer’s whereabouts, Slow Mist said,

The platform discovered that the NFTs that were lost from the aforementioned eight wallets ranged from MAYC, Doodle, BAYC, and VOX along with 12 other NFT projects. SlowMist further added,

“They were sold for a total of 194 ETH. Most of the ETH was converted into renBTC and crossed over to multiple wallets on the Bitcoin blockchain. It was then sent to mixing platforms to avoid tracking.”

BAYC NFTs a scammer favorite?

While some believe they are overrated, a few others continue to splurge on apes running the NFT jungle. The Bored Ape Yacht Club [BAYC] has encountered multiple attacks. Just a couple of weeks ago, a hacker pocketed $1 million by meddling with the official Instagram account of BAYC.

While several speculated that its value would go down following Elon Musk’s dig at NFTs, BAYC managed to stay afloat. At press time, the floor price of the NFT collection remained at 97.5 ETH with a 3 percent drop over the last 24-hours. Additionally, the daily volume of BAYC was at 1,193.3757 ETH.