This Bitcoin Rehab will help you battle crypto addiction for $90,000

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

If you thought you’d seen everything, think again. From seeking increased adoption for Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies to helping people battle addiction loomed from it, the industry has come a long way. You read that right: a slew of treatment centers have sprung up to help people overcome their crypto addictions. With the rise in demand for cryptocurrency, treatment prices have also risen significantly going up to a high of $90k.

As per a Bloomberg report, Bitcoin addiction in excess mirrors gambling disorder. This, however, isn’t limited to BTC alone, other crypto-assets are also a part of it. Stevie Rojas, for instance, started out with BTC but soon moved on to other coins like Ethereum [ETH]. Rojas reportedly gave up morning prayers and even time with his daughter as his focus strung on crypto alone.

Similar to gambling disorder, Bloomberg’s Charlie Wells notes that this addiction is not initiated by losing alone. Both losing and winning keep individuals interested. The thrill that they amass during their wins and the fear instilled in them of losing their funds keeps them invested.

Additionally, the report also highlights how the addiction factor is quite often masked as an array of them make a living through crypto trading.

Pay crypto to battle crypto addiction?

Several clinics across the globe have been popping up solely to aid in overcoming Bitcoin addiction. A luxurious treatment center near Lake Zurich, Switzerland called Paracelsus Recovery Clinic charges its patients a whopping $90,000 for a week. These centers are spread through Scotland, the UK, and other regions across the world.

Source – Paracelsus Recovery

Digitalization takes the center stage here as well. Therapists take online sessions for those battling Bitcoin addiction. Dylan Kerr, an online therapist based in Thailand has reportedly treated nearly 15 individuals who claimed to have an addiction. Surprisingly he even accepts crypto for payments.

Further elaborating on crypto addiction, Kerr said,

“It’s very similar to being at a roulette table. It’s seemingly never-ending, and it demands your attention. If you take your eyes off the prize, you could miss out on massive opportunities and incur massive penalties.”