This Is The Investment Hack That Robert Kiyosaki Swears By In Trading

Juhi Mirza
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The Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki needs no further introduction. The financial expert has long established his reputation as a robust author who likes to teach and practice what he truly believes in, which usually boils down to purchasing gold or Bitcoin.

In his latest post on X, Kiyosaki can be seen unveiling what’s deemed his ultimate trading strategy, which he swears by and practices with all his might.

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Robert Kiyosaki Trading Strategy Revealed

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The Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki is a promising social media personality known for his Bitcoin-centric comments and expertise. The expert often vocalizes his thoughts on the US economy, how the USD blunder could eventually ruin the world, and that Bitcoin and Gold are the only options an investor must look forward to.

The US debt statistics are now nearing $35 trillion, a mark that is causing investors across the world to diversify their assets. In such a wake, Kiyosaki has unveiled a new trading mechanism that he believes is inspired by ace investor Warren Buffet.

In a new post uploaded on X, Kiyosaki addressed the declining BTC metrics and the panic selling that comes along with it. The expert opined that instead of selling bitcoin at distressed price levels, one might want to adopt the “buy and hold on forever strategy” to ensure long-term profits.

“All markets go up and down. Many people make a lot of money “trading” markets, which means buying low and hopefully selling low. The problem with “trading” any asset is taxes, specifically “short-term” capital gains taxes. My strategy is similar to Warren Buffet’s “buy and hold on forever.” What am I doing if I am not trading assets? I spend my time building new assets, which is why I am a “serial entrepreneur.”.

Explaining Terms Like Serial Entrepreneurship and Holding on Assets

While addressing the general X populace, Kiyosaki used the word “serial entrepreneur.” The word has been making a lot of buzz lately in the domain of commerce and retail. Serial entrepreneurs are those who start multiple businesses simultaneously to ensure consistent profits.

On the other hand, the analogy of holding onto assets in the long haul is a certified trading mechanism. The method ensures selling at a time when assets are offering their best price in a peak season. This helps investors double their profits in the best possible and ethical manner.

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