This NFT Collection sold for 90,000 ADA: Here’s Why

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

Non-fungible tokens [NFT] remain a part of the crypto industry in spite of the recent drop in interest. Several artists have garnered recognition as well as financial growth. For instance, the Normandy collection “A Memory of Light” on the Cardano network recently sold for an astounding 90,000 ADA.

Prominent photographer Jason Mathias in a series of tweets revealed that there was much more to the NFT collection.

The images in the collection were, as Mathias said, actual photographs. The Normandy American Cemetery was depicted in the photographs. Those who took part in Operation Neptune during World War II were reportedly buried here.

According to Mathias, one of his collectors had a dream about visiting that location. However, he was unable to do so due to a recent pandemic. This further inspired the photographer to travel to the location. A Memory of Light on Cardano, a real-life NFT collection, was created as a result of Matias’ trip to Normandy and his devastating photographs in his so-called signature “comfort isolation” style.

Just yesterday, the creator of Cardano Charles Hoskinson found himself in trouble after dismissing NFTs.

The creator of the project reached out to Hoskinson and urged him to buy the NFT. However, he did not do so and went on to say, “An NFT is NOT the image anymore than a lithograph is a painting.”

This enraged the community who noted how Hoskinson could have set an example and helped the creator of the project.

Will Cardano’s NFT market persist its hot streak?

Amidst Hoskinson’s fallout with the community members, Cardano’s NFT volume was quite low today compared to the last couple of days.


At press time, the daily volume of Cardano NFTs had dropped by 23.3 percent and was at $395,004.533. However, its monthly volumes have been quite high and have even increased by 41.2 percent.