Throwback: When A Man Invested $20 in an Obscure Cryptocurrency & Became a ‘Trillionaire’ Overnight

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The cryptocurrency market is filled with hopes and dreams, along with a major dash of tears and fears. The market can give you a steady income, make you a millionaire but also make you go popper, depending on how you trade it. There’s no same rule book for investors and each receives gains or losses based on their risk appetite and entry vs exit time in the market. However, investors becoming rich after investing in cryptocurrency is aplenty and made news last year during the bull run.

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Read here on how a truck driver made millions by investing a mere $670 in Shiba Inu during its inception. Also, a man who invested $20 in an obscure cryptocurrency last year ended up being a trillionaire the next day. How you may ask? Well, here’s the throwback story to take you down memory line.

Investor Chris Williamson had put $20 Rocket Bunny cryptocurrency and went to sleep after a hard day of work. When he woke up the next morning, his portfolio displayed an unbelievable figure as his $20 turned to $1.4 trillion. All this in just a span of 12-hours between sleeping and waking uptime.

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Williamson informed Fox 5 Atlanta that he decided to sell his holdings and transfer the amount to his bank account. He stated that when he tried selling the holdings on Coinbase, the amount didn’t reflect the enormous $1.4 trillion. Confused as to what was happening, he contacted Rocket Bunny but received no response.

That is when he decided to contact Coinbase only to realize that the $1.4 trillion displayed on his screen was a technical glitch.

Cryptocurrency Glitches & Heartbreaks Go Hand-in-hand

Williamson was heartbroken to hear from Coinbase that the amount was a technical glitch. The euphoria of being a trillionaire and never having to work a single day in his life came crashing down.

His close friend, who had also purchased the same cryptocurrency, confirmed to him that his portfolio shows the true amount and is nowhere a trillion.

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“You recognize if you take a look at it. It is like you realize there is no means I am ever going to get this amount of cash,” he said. “That is some huge cash that I might by no means spend in a lifetime. So I’d do good with it,” he said to Newsweek.