Tips on How to Survive and Thrive in the Crypto Market

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The crypto market is an exciting topic and might soon take over the financial sector. As of April 2021, the crypto market soared with over 2 trillion US dollars market capitalization.

Crypto enthusiasts believe that the digital markets will dominate the world soon. Despite this success, Cryptos have an unpredictable nature with risks such as;

  • Panic sales leading to currency conversion-related problems
  • Technological delays caused by large withdrawals and sales volumes
  • Intense market volatility
  • Regulatory risk meaning some countries are still undecided on whether to invest or not

After putting all this into consideration, it is hard to know where to invest. Here are some tips to help you in your investment journey.

Diversify, Diversify, Diversify!

Every investment needs diversity, and the Crypto world is no exception. It all goes back to understanding what you’re staking. There are undoubtedly Cryptocurrencies available. At the same time, there are endless videos of financial experts giving you insight on some good coins to select from.

Look for a variety of advice, and when you understand the pros and cons of each, then you can decide.

You can reap or lose everything in one day. That’s why you have to diversify away from similar types of asset to spread your risk.

Understand the Crypto Market Bear and Bull Market Trends

You must have heard the bullish and bearish on several Crypto headlines. These terms got inspiration from how bulls and bears attack their prey. Bulls attack with an upward approach while bears make a turn and attack downward.

In Crypto, the Bull market, therefore, expresses the time when prices in Crypto are steadily rising. On the other hand, Bearish describes when the Crypto market falls by more than 20% after hitting highs.

Desiring the two markets should not be important to traders simply because they can trade on both sides. However, the correct prediction on whether the market is Bullish or bearish can help traders make successful moves.

For instance, if long-term owners hold onto their investments for a while, they are guaranteed Long lasting returns. These returns happen because the investor aimed at multi-month trends instead of the short weekly or daily trends. So these long-term traders have faith in their company’s future.

In Bullish markets, investors’ confidence is likely to go over the trade period resulting in overall positive demand.

In addition, the market might witness a general rise in IPO activity. The bull market is usually preferable. However, bearish traders can also get profitable results. Market trends climb over some time as downturns in the market tend to be sharp, giving bearish traders a chance to capitalize over a short period. So bull markets follow bear markets.

As the trading activity intensifies, with more investors getting confident. So basically a bear market can eventually turn to a bullish market.

Some parameters used to assess bear and bull investments include; Patterns, Charts, Incoming events and General knowledge.

Use Stop-Loss orders and Take-profit orders

Stop-loss orders are necessary for risk management as traders get to calculate the amount of money to risk in a trade. They also help traders know the size to take. Stop-loss orders work by closing a cryptocurrency position automatically once the price hits a predetermined level.

So, just as the name suggests, a Stop-loss order can prevent significant losses by helping you customize and plan out your trades.

Take-profit orders, on the other hand, help maximize traders’ profits. A sale is automatically triggered once the security price reaches the set limit. Stop-loss orders help prevent significant losses while take-profit orders automatically lock gains.

Crypto Market Bottom-line

The list is endless, including using your tools effectively and understanding your motive when going to trade. The bottom line is you need to do a lot of research to know what and how you invest.