Top Crypto Analyst Shares 3 Coins To Buy For Altseason

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Top 3 Meme Coins Other Than Shiba Inu To Buy For 10X Gains In 2024

As the crypto market gears up for what many believe to be an impending altcoin season, investors are eager to identify the top coins that could potentially yield substantial returns.

In a recent tweet, prominent crypto analyst Dan Gambardello shared his three top altcoin picks for the upcoming bull run: Cardano (ADA), Avalanche (AVAX), and DOG.

Gambardello’s selections come after years of careful study and consideration, and he believes these coins have the potential to shock the market with their performance.

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Cardano (ADA): The Sleeper with Insane Fundamentals

Gambardello’s first pick is Cardano, a top 10 cryptocurrency that he considers a sleeper with insane fundamentals. Despite false headlines suggesting that Cardano is useless or centralized, the analyst points out that through the Voltaire upgrade, Cardano will have the largest on-chain governance system in all of crypto, fully run by the community. This, he believes, is a testament to true decentralization.

The analyst also highlights Cardano’s scaling potential, which he believes will shock everyone, along with its brilliant layer of security. Gambardello has studied ADA for years and notes that while the price often lags, he is not currently concerned with its price action. He believes that Cardano will rocket out of nowhere, similar to its past performance.

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Avalanche (AVAX): Good Narratives and Institutional Interest

Gambardello’s second pick is Avalanche, another top altcoin that he believes has good narratives running right now, which could push AVAX to generous gains. Besides the ‘reinventing subnets’ proposal, the analyst points to the potential for institutional interest and hype surrounding Avalanche.

He specifically mentions John Wu, President of Ava Labs, the development company behind Avalanche, and his optimism regarding an AVAX ETF. Gambardello sees this as a positive sign and believes that Avalanche has the energy and momentum to enjoy an incredible bull market.

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DOG: The Largest Meme on the Largest Blockchain

Gambardello’s third pick, DOG, might surprise some, but he is confident in his choice. As an early adopter of Bitcoin Ordinals last year, the analyst not only received the airdrop but also bought DOG after its launch.

He believes that being the largest meme on the largest blockchain, Bitcoin, which has over $1 trillion in liquidity behind it, gives DOG immense potential.

Despite its current market cap of around $750 million and zero tier 1 exchange listings, Gambardello compares DOG to the performance of DOGE and Shiba in the last cycle, which reached market caps of $88 billion and $51 billion, respectively.

He thinks DOG could be one of this cycle’s top performers, thanks to its 100% free and fair distribution, with no presale, team allocation, insiders, paid promotions, or favored whales.

Gambardello genuinely believes that DOG can flip DOGE and expresses his love for the DOG community, which he describes as chill and friendly. He considers DOG his high risk, high reward play for this crypto cycle.